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Foundation Stage 2


Each child in Foundation 2 will have been given their own personal overview of where they are currently working in number, reading and writing development. They will have their next objectives highlighted with some supporting activities if necessary.


During school closure you can also access the following websites to further support your child's learning:


Information and Numbots login details have already been sent home.

You may also enjoy watching Jack Hartmann videos including subitizing and numberbonds to 10 that children can join in with.


Other ideas that would be really beneficial would be:

  • to practice number and letter formation
  • to read to your child everyday
  • count household objects with your child
  • help your child to read their new common exception words
  • help your child to spell some of their easier common exception words
  • help your child with their cvc words and pictures or yellow words
  • recognising the 2d shapes, circle, square, rectangle and triangle
  • recognising the 3d shapes, cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder.