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C Yr 1


Hi Year 1, 

Sadly, we have gone back into lockdown so we will be accessing remote learning for a little while.  

Please check out Class Dojo for daily work. Below are some activities that you can complete whilst working from home that link to our Yr1 curriculum. 

Parents, please feel free to email me for additional support or questions on


Take care, 

Mrs Hellawell 

Catholic Life 

Look on the Catholic Life page (

for prayer and liturgy ideas that you can do at home and other RE resources.


Click here for an example remote learning timetable.

Phonic activities

Here are the previous Phonics Screening Checks for you to use. The usual pass mark is 32/40.

Phonics Screening 2017        Answer sheet 2017

Phonics Screening 2018       Answer sheet 2018

Phonics Screening 2019       Answer sheet 2019



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Please access your personalised area using your username and password. 


If you need usernames and passwords, please email me.  

Year 1 White Rose 

See Class Dojo for the daily lesson 



Maths Games



English  Click here for Ruth Miskin phonics lessons Year 1 Speed Sound 'ay'


Please see Class Dojo for the spellings for this week. 

Use sand, felt tips, chalk, paint. typing to learn the spellings in fun ways. 


 Click here for rainbow spell

Can you write a sentence using each word? Remember:

capital letters

full stops

finger spaces


proper nouns

'and' or other conjunctions


Additional free phonics websites|:


Parents need to sign up but there are a selection of activities and e-reader books linked to the different book bands for you to read online.

 Please read as much as possible, read books to your parents, ask parents to read books to you, too! 

Read, read, read. 


Seasonal Change


What's the season?

Draw and label a picture for the season.




Toys - Ask your parents/grandparents what toys they played with when they were younger. 

Can you draw and label what they played with. What is the same/different about the toys you now play with? 


 Oak Academy lesson:

Click here for: How have toys changed? (Part 1)

Click here for: How have toys changed? (Part 2)




The Annunciation 

Yesterday (Monday 4th January) we read, acted and wrote about the angel visiting Mary. 

Have a look at the ways different artists have portrayed the Annunciation. 

Can you draw your own version and verbally tell your parents the story?


 Click here for the PowerPoint showing 'The Annunciation' by different artists. 


Click here to read about a famous artist called Piet Mondrian.

In Art we have been looking at primary and secondary colours. This artist used primary colours. 

Can you create a piece of art in the same style?

You could use paint, pens, or even a program on the computer. 




PE home learning- Complete PE

Stoke City activities


Supermovers (Physical fun sessions linked to curriculum learning) accessed via


Folk dances all over the world(Learn 4 different dances:African, Greek, Irish, Indian)


More PE weblinks: