Year 1


Welcome to Year 1's class page

Spring 1 

St Valentine's Day Collective Worship

Year 1 planned a beautiful collective worship based on the theme of love. The children chose to gather with a red cloth, a red flower, a candle and the Bible. We listened to David read the story of Zacchaeus an example of how God showed love towards others. We responded by singing and dancing along to 'Deep Down in our Hearts' and we ended by sharing how we can show love to others.  

A picnic with our teddy bears

If you went into Year 1 today you were sure of a big end our topic work all about toys, we had a teddy bears' picnic!  We have learnt about Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt and where the 'Teddy' originated from. We compared teddies now to those in the past and sang lots of teddy themed songs. We are now looking forward to our visit to Sudbury Childhood Musuem to consolidate and extend our learning about teddy bears and other toys. 

Be Brave Assembly 

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, Year 1 produced and delivered an assembly on the theme of 'Find Your Brave'! We amazed the whole school with our fabulous speaking, acting and singing skills and even caused a few tears to be shed. Even our parents found their brave and stood and sung, 'This is me!'. 

Circus Skills with Bee Active 

As part of an enrichment physical skills day, we enjoyed performing circus skills. We had lots of fun and improved our gross motor skills! 

Epiphany collective worship

 We planned and delivered a thoughtful liturgy based around 'The Epiphany'. The children gathered in a circle, sang and danced to 'Bumping up and Down on a Camel' and spoke about the gift they would be sharing at home. Many chose to share the gift of love! One of the children wrote a beautiful prayer to share. 

Autumn 2 

Christmas Crafts

Key Stage 1 and Foundation 2 enjoyed a morning of Christmas craft making. Each class had a different craft to make. We made reindeer hats, a bauble and a snowman puppet. We had lots of fun and used our crafting skills well! 

Unconventional Menagerie 

As part of our topic 'Animals', Chrisitian from the Unconventional Menagerie brought in a selection of animals from a variety of animal classifications  including reptiles, mammals and amphibians. He shared lots of information with us and told us about the different diets of each animal, we now know that there are 3 main types, omnivore, carnivore and herbivore. Many of us were brave enough to hold or stroke an animal. The snake was huge and took 2 adults and 3 children to hold it! We really enjoyed the visit! 

To begin our History focus on the historical figure 'Guy Fawkes' we had a creative morning learning about Bonfire night and how and why we celebrate this event on the 5th of November. We used the laptops to create a firework picture, we made chocolate sparklers, we used toilet rolls to create a firework picture, ripped paper to create a bonfire, used 2D shapes to create a rocket and finally went in the hall to create a firework dance! We are going to be doing some fabulous writing tasks based on this historical event too! 

Autumn 1


Year 1 had a creative day learning all about Diwali which was celebrated on Sunday 27th October. The children learnt all about what Diwali is and why it is celebrated in the Hindu religion. The children learnt how to do a special Diwali dance, they made diya lamps using coloured salt dough, practised henna designs, made rangoli patterns using the numicon and made diya lamps using filter paper and pipettes. 


Mrs McNicholas is thrilled with our final self-portrait pictures. During the unit, we sketched our faces, enlarged our drawings onto sugar paper, used different media to create a portrait and looked at famous artists who also created self-portraits and tried to copy their style. Have a look at our finished art work, it's amazing! 

Creation Assembly

On the 11th October, Year 1 shared their very first whole school assembly based on the theme of Creation. All children had an important part to play and read beautifully and clearly, shared prayers, created a video about how to take care of God's creation and even learnt to sign in makaton 'Wonderful World'. Mrs Hellawell was so impressed with Year 1's confidence and was very proud of everyone!  

KS1 Liturgy

On the 4th October, Year 1 and 2 planned and delivered a very thought provoking and beautiful liturgy based around Saint Francis on his feast day and Mary as we enter the month of the Holy Rosary. We wrote our own prayers on rosary beads and shared them as we listened to some reflective music. 

Collective worship

 We started the year by planning a collective worship and focused particularly on the 'Gather' section. We introduced our class prayer bear and prayer bag that a child takes home each week to share with their family. We listened to Amelia, who shared a beautiful prayer that she had written at home with her family. Thank you Amelia! 

Author visit

We were very privileged to have an author 'Natalie Pritchard' visit us on the day she had released her 2nd book. We were the first class that she had ever read her new book, 'Sully the Seahorse' to. We also focused on her original book, 'Monty the Manatee' which was a fabulous text to start the school year with, as it focuses on Monty starting sea school and how the other pupils treated him. We learnt that we should treat each other with kindness and made promises about how we would show kindness to others. Look at the fabulous display of our work!