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Summer Term 2

Our Class Saint is St. Peter

On the 29th June, it was our class Saint's feast day...St Peter. We really enjoyed working in small groups, planning and preparing our own collective worship. Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins have said that we have got a treat at the end of week to celebrate the feast day of St. Peter. 

Art & DT

Our topic is the Seaside and we have absolutely loved our Art and D.T sessions with Mrs McNicholas. Can you guess what we have made?

Our outdoor learning continues....

We are still enjoying our outdoor learning sessions and we have been looking around our school grounds and local area. We have discovered many habitats and microhabitats and we have loved finding God's amazing creatures. We have also worked together and created our own bug hotel! 


We all wanted to write a prayer to the Holy Spirit and share it in the prayer garden. As always we were very reverent. 


We had a fantastic educational handling session which was delivered by Carrie from 'Rent a Beast'. The session really did bring our Science learning to life and we answered and asked some super scientific questions. We all had the the opportunity to handle a variety of creatures which we did with great care, respect and courage. 
A big thank you to Carrie for delivering the amazing sessions to our pupils, it was so lovely to see her and her 'little' friends back into school again! 

Skill Builder Challenge Day 


What an incredible day we have had! It all started as soon as we stepped into school as we noticed something very strange on our school grounds. We soon discovered aliens had crashed landed on to Earth. Throughout the day we worked in small groups and completed eight activities where we applied our eight essential skills. We really enjoyed working through a series of activities from decoding alien messages and collecting clues from a crash landing site to designing gadgets and food parcels. Each one of us went home with a certificate and we couldn't wait to tell our parents all about our day! 


Summer Term 1

Outdoor Learning 

Week 3 'FIRE FIRE'

Pentecost Prayer

Lord, thank you for Your Holy Spirit....

We visited the prayer garden to thank the Holy Spirit for helping us with our gifts. 

Outdoor learning

Week 2 - bread week 

Collective Worship 

We worked in our team colours to plan and lead part of our collective worship.

Our worship involved some of us sharing a prayer, reading and acting out the Gospel, being reflective on how Mary Magdalene and the disciples might have felt and we even went home with a challenge. 

Well done Year 2, you were very reverent throughout!  

What an Extraordinary  Experience we have had! 

Mrs Horton organised a 'donkey experience' for us where we had the opportunity to ride a donkey. This made us understand how a donkey ride on the seaside would be like. We even had the opportunity to pet and feed the goats.

Thank you Mrs Horton for organising it for us - it was an experience that we will not forget! 

KS1 Superstars

Well done to all of Key Stage One for encouraging their team members, staying positive and aiming high in our annual Superstars event. All of your KS1 teachers are so proud of you all. Congratulations to St George who won the KS1 competition. 

Do you like our Great Fire of London art work? 


We  attended a National Archives zoom session on the Great Fire of London. We had an amazing opportunity to look at some of the famous documents that were connected to the Great Fire of London and we investigated what happened in 1666. We developed our historical enquiry and map work skills.  

Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins were very impressed with our research work. We will be writing our own non-fiction booklet next week and we can't wait to share it!  


Firstly, we created our own information page on how to plant a bulb. Then we each planted our own bulb and took it home as we are now challenged to look after it.

We also planted a class plant and we will be observing and recording the changes that occur. We are looking forward to watching how our plant grows! 


We enjoyed our lesson outdoors where we had the opportunity to look closely at leaves, flowers and trees. We then recorded what was our favourite ones were and labelled them.

Thank you God for creating our wonderful world. 


This half term, Jake from Bee Active is developing our athletic skills. We really enjoyed our first two weeks on the long jump! We can't wait for our next lesson! 

Spring Term 

Happy Easter


Currently, we are focusing on poetry and we have listened to a variety of poems. We really enjoyed performing a poem together as a class. We hope you enjoy our poetry performance and we are looking forward to creating our own poems! Watch this space!


On Science Day, the whole school were also involved in the 100 Challenge. We raised £252.40 for the NHS, in memory of Sir Captain Tom Moore. 


On Wednesday 17th March, the whole school celebrated the annual British Science event. The theme this year was 'Innovating for the Future'. The whole school was challenged to say a big thank you to the NHS by creating an innovation that linked to our Science learning (animals including humans). We explored the career of a health care assistant and explored the importance of washing our hands and even created our own microbe and bath bomb! As you can see from the below pictures, we had a fabulous Science day (Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins did too, even though they had to clean up our bath bomb efforts)!


Thank you Mrs McNicholas for teaching us an African song. Once you have heard it, you can't stop singing it! 

Stoke City Football Club 

We would like to say a big thank you to Stoke City Football Club for providing us with a free replica shirt as part of their City7s supporter scheme. As you can tell from our faces, it was a great surprise and they are all very grateful!

Remote learning 

Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins were very proud of our positive attitude and effort with our work during the third national lockdown. Most of us worked at home and some of us were in school. We would like to say a big thank you to our parents who have helped us with our work, kept us smiling and safe.

Below you can see some of our comments and work that we produced during remote learning. 

"We loved Well-being Wednesdays!"                                  "We still did all of our subjects." 

                  "On zoom it was great to see our friends and teachers!"             

               "Mrs McNicholas' Art lessons were so much fun!"       

"We saw and heard Miss Coxon everyday."                                                              "We still had fun!"

Autumn 2


In December, we have been very busy making our own calendars and we have even developed our sewing skills when creating our very own Christmas decoration. Do you like them?


Thank you Jake from Bee Active who has helped us to further develop our gymnastic skills on mats, table tops and apparatus. We all made great progress and our confidence and courage blossomed too! 

Our last lesson in PE 2020 concluded with us using our Autumn terms throwing and catching skills skills and played glow in the dark dodgeball. It was amazing and our teachers loved that we all had big smiles on our faces! 


This term we have been finding out about  our local heroes with Mrs McNicholas. One of those heroes is Clarice Cliff. We enjoyed learning lots of facts about her. Clarice Cliff inspired us to create our own plates. Thank you Mrs McNicholas for our fantastic Art and Topic lessons! We can't wait to find out what our topic is next term!


We enjoyed investigating how objects can change shape when you twist, stretch and squash them. 


To celebrate Bonfire Night, we worked together to create an expanded noun phrase senses poem. We were introduced to Miss Coxon's editing stations and used the pink pen to improve our writing. We focused on improving our punctuation and choice of vocabulary.  We each worked well as a team and had the confidence to perform our poem in front of the rest of the class. Miss Coxon was so impressed with us all! 

Forest Schools continued 

Autumn Term 1 


 We began the year by looking at the text 'The Colour Monster'. It was a great text for us to explore colours and feelings in a fun, exciting, gentle and sensitive way. 

Click here to listen to the story of 'The Colour Monster'.

In our classroom, we have our own Colour Monster and if we are sad or worried about something we can record our feelings on paper and share it with our Colour Monster who always us feel better.   


We enjoyed partitioning a number up to 100 using a variety of concrete apparatus. 

Collective Worship

We decided to plan our first Collective Worship of the year, on our favourite Old Testament story 'Noah's Ark'. We dedicated our second Collective Worship on Mary, Our Mother. Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins were very impressed with our planning, team work skills, knowledge and ideas. We were reverent throughout both of our Collective Worships. 


We have really enjoyed our Gymnastics unit with Miss Coxon. We have enjoyed perfecting our shapes and creating a sequence using the apparatus. 


We investigated what material would be best for the Gingerbread Man to build a boat so he could cross the river. We were great Scientists as we used our material and property knowledge and excellent enquiry skills. We really enjoyed this lesson because it was practical and we could work with our partner. 

Forest Schools

Some of us have been attending Forest Schools on a Friday afternoon. Each week we develop an understanding and respect for natural places and we experience nature at first hand throughout fantastic challenges!