Welcome to Year 4 2020-2021. Let's make this year rock!

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Long Term Plan

Year 4 Expectations


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Topic Web                                                                                      Parent Information

Remote Learning

Thank you to everyone for being 'Lockdown Legends'. Children, you have continued to impress me with your enthusiasm for learning and effort in your work. Parents, you have supported your children's education, kept them entertained and most importantly safe. 

We have continued to access so much work from our Long Term plan and are not behind. Please do not worry that you are going to struggle now that we are back at school. 

You are amazing. Thank you.

Outdoor Learning

This week we enjoyed some orienteering. We used a map of the school grounds to identify 'orienteering controls'. After this, we tried to create a map, in the style of the Romans, by only recording 'substantial features'. These are objects, either physical or human, which remain unmoved for a long period of time (buildings, trees, paths etc). 


This term we have been learning about the Romans. We discovered that the Romans used to make intricate mosaics and we thought we'd like to give it a go too. We used the artistic skill of printing to create our masterpieces. 


Since returning to school we have practised lots of different sporting skills. Take a look at our different slide shows below. 

Sir Captain Tom Moore's 100 Challenge

Collective Worship

To celebrate the season of Lent we came together in a beautifully reverent collective worship. 


After a few weeks learning different countries, days of the week and weather types, we decided to become French Weather Presenters. We hope you like our forecasts. Click on our pictures below and a video should begin. 


Since returning from lockdown, we have spent our English lessons looking at myths and legends. We read a myth called 'Dreams of Destiny', which was about Aeneas, a Trojan man, who leaves Greece to found the Roman Empire. We looked at the features of myths and completed some short bursts of writing description and dialogue before writing our own myths 'Dreams of Destiny: part II'. We hope you enjoy our work. 


During this term, it was British Science Week. To consolidate the learning we had been doing over lockdown, we conducted two experiments relating to teeth and the NHS role of Dentists. We placed eggs into different liquids to investigate the speed of decay on our teeth (Did you know the shell of an egg is similar to our teeth's enamel?). The results were gross! We also put three different toothpastes through a testing exercise to see which was the best. We hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we enjoyed our experiments!

Coronavirus Day of Reflection

To mark a year since we first went in to lockdown, the whole school created daffodils as a symbol of hope for the future. Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed painting with their fingers (and whole hands eventually). We also contributed to a whole school display by completing the blue section of a rainbow. 


As part of our Outdoor Learning, we created coil and pinch pots. We discovered where the Romans would get their clay from and the techniques they would use to make their pottery.  We hope you like our final designs. 



Topic Web                                                                                        Parent Information

Autumn 1


Our first unit in Year 4 was poetry! We researched lots of different features that poets used and became experts at personification! We wrote our own poems about the start of a school day, keeping in mind that we would be performing these poems to Year 3. We loved writing our poems and Year 3 loved hearing them. 

For the next 4 weeks in English, we completed pieces of writing based around the story 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. We worked through many Key Writing Skills and wrote some wonderful diary entries, letters and narratives. Have a look!


Year 4 have continued amazing me in Maths. I remember back to Year 2 when we all passed the SATs test! If Year 4 keep working as hard as they are, the sky isn't even a limit for them in Maths! 

Here are some of the pieces of work we have completed in our Place Value and Addition and Subtraction units. 


One of the revelations of the year so far has been our (including Mr Washington's) improvement in drawing skills. We completed a baseline drawing of different facial features before completing some tutorials on drawing these with added detail and shading. After drawing our realistic Egyptian Death Masks, we went all abstract and cubist by celebrating Pablo Picasso and using our new and improved facial drawing skills to create cubism masterpieces. 


In PE this half term, Y4 have mastered their Ultimate Frisbee techniques. By the end of the unit we were able to have an efficiency competition which was won by... St. David's team.


Many of our class took their next big step in their journey of faith this half term by taking their first holy communion. Congratulations to you we are so proud of the work you put in to it. 

In class, we looked at the Creation story and how we are made in the image and likeness of God. We then learnt about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. 

To conclude our second unit, learning about the

Rosary, we held a Collective Worship. All children

were reverent and prophetic, making beautiful

reflections after the worship. 


Our topic, Enchanting Egyptians, has been fast-paced, fascinating and fun! We have identified the Ancient Civilisations in time and place, researched different Pharaohs, understood why the River Nile was important and the features of the river system, acted out and explained the water cycle, and researched different elements of Egyptian daily life. 

Autumn 2


How could we not start this half terms website with the TTRS competition. What an achievement! Year 4 blew everybody out of the water and only went and won the Stoke-on-Trent competition. I am so incredibly proud of them all and I hope you are too. We have had our photo taken for the Sentinel and once we have a copy we will upload it here and let you all know. 



This term we have created algorithms which produced repeating pattern designs. We used a programme called 'Microsoft Logo' and used lots of coding terms. It was a a challenge but one that we aimed high and achieved. 


Linking to our Egyptian topic, we have sewn headresses. Mr Washington was amazed with our stitching skills and we loved creating and wearing our masterpieces. 


This half term we have taken part in another inter-school competition by completing 5 'cross-country' length runs. We were timed in each race and aimed to beat our own score. No-one, not even Mr W, could get close to Chebe's time! The quickest three times were entered into the town event. We will update the result when it is finalised.