Welcome to our Year 1 page!



During Lent Year 1 and 2 shared a lovely liturgy with Deacon Tony before he retires. We discussed how God always gives us a chance to change and some of us shared our promises.

Within Holy Week Year 1 acted out Palm Sunday.


We enjoyed our educational visit to The Brampton Museum as part of our 'Toys old and new' topic. We explored the museum and found out how toys moved. We hunted the Victorian streets for the teddy bears that were hiding. Alison the educational office explained the difference between toys in the past and those of today and we explored how toys work. After lunch we looked at how toys in the past were made and made our own toys from recyclable materials.


We had a busy month preparing for the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  We thought about how during Advent we can prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus and joined in a beautiful and reflective KS1 liturgy. We wrote promises and made a path for Jesus. Within our nativity play we were super actors and actresses and performed 'Christmas with the Aliens' in front of the whole school and our families. We ended the term with a Christmas film, Christmas crafts and a party. 



As part of our science topic of 'Animals' we had a visit from Gentleshaw Animal Rescue Centre. They bought in a variety of animals from different classifications and with a variety of diets. Year 1 were very good and could identify the mammals, reptiles and birds.  The owls swooped over the children's heads to retrieve their food. We learnt that they are carnivores and they love to eat chicken. We looked at other birds of prey and  their talons, we discussed how they catch their food.

Remembrance Class Worship

In November, we remembered all those that died during the wars and all those who were close to us that are now with God in heaven. We planned our own class worship session and participated with great respect. We wrote prayers, decided upon the focal prayer space and chose songs appropriate to our theme.


Autumn Assembly

We enjoyed sharing our learning with our family and the rest of the school in our very first KS1 assembly. We spoke about Autumn and God's wonderful creation. We were very good at speaking loudly and clearly and loved sharing what we had learnt about Autumn.


As part of our science learning we have looked at the season of Autumn. We used our sense of sight and went on an Autumn walk and looked at the changes in our environment. We used our sense of taste and enjoyed delicious hot chocolate. We thought about our senses and wrote Autumn poems. We can't wait to share our Autumn assembly with the school and our family.


Hansel and Gretel

In our first few weeks in Year 1, we looked at a traditional story called Hansel and Gretel. We made potions and wrote a list of ingredients, used fine motor control to create our own gingerbread houses, wrote setting and character descriptions, retold the story and ended by creating our own yummy sweet houses. What a busy few weeks we had!