Sporting Competitions and Achievements


Sports Teams results for 2017-18

Level 2 Competitions (Inter-School): 


5/6/18 Girls Cricket at Longton Cricket Club - joint 4th.

24/5/18 Y5/6 Cricket at Longton Cricket Club - 7th (out of 13)

22/5/18 Y4/Y3 Cricket at Longton Cricket Club - 4th (out of 9)

9/5/18 Netball (7s) at Thistley Hough - 3rd.

30/4/18 High Five netball at Ash Green - A team joint 1st. B team 3rd.

28/3/18 MAC Y3/4 Football tournament at Newcastle College.

1st, 12th and 21st March 2018 - Cross country.

7/2/18 MAC Netball tournament at Newcastle College (joint 3rd).

9/1/18 High Five - Fenton Manor - 2nd.

5/12/17 MAC Y5/6 Basketball tournament at Newcastle College (3rd).

20/11/17 Sportshall heats – Trentham High – 3rd.

15/11/17 MAC Y5/6 Football tournament at Newcastle college (4th).

3/11/17 Y5/6 Football tournament at The Willows (Knocked out).

12/10/17 Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby – Longton rugby club – A Team – Joint 1st; ; B team – 3rd

6/10/17 Y5/6 Football tournament at St Teresa's (Knocked out).



At St Thomas Aquinas, we send all of our KS2 classes for half a term of swimming. The children have an hour session in the pool for approximately 6 weeks.

Currently in Y6, 59% of our cohort are able to swim competently and confidently a minimum distance of 25metres.

We are looking at reviewing the current provision for the next academic year to ensure that a higher percentage of children will achieve the minimum swimming requirement by the end of KS2. 

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the GOLD mark again this year (2016-17) in the Sainsbury's School Games! (That's 4 consecutive years now). Well done to everyone involved for helping to make this happen!

Sports Teams results for 2016-17

Level 2 Competitions (Inter-School): 

13/7/17 Mixed Rounders at St John's - 2nd.

16/6/17 Stoke Town Sports at Northwood Stadium - 1st in Girl's Field events.

Y5/6 Cricket - cancelled due to weather.

23/5/17 Y4/Y3 Mixed Cricket Tournament at Longton Cricket Club - 2nd.

20/5/17 Stoke Town Swimming Gala at Fenton Manor - 4th.

15/5/17 Netball Tournament at The Willows - cancelled.

8/5/17 Y3/4 Tag Rugby at Trentham Rugby Club - 3rd.

5/4/17 High Five Tournament at Thistly Hough. A team 3rd. B team 3rd.

31/3/17 Football Tournament at The Willows (Knocked out).

9th, 15th, 23rd and 29th March 2017 - Cross country.

10/1/17 High Five – 2nd – Fenton

28/11/16 Sportshall final – Trentham High – 1st (through to County)

21/11/16 Sportshall heats – Trentham High – joint 1st (St Teresa’s).

13/10/16 Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby – Longton rugby club – A Team – 3rd; B team – 3rd

7/10/16 Football tournament at St Johns (Knocked out).


Level 3 (County) Competitions:

16/2/17 County Sportshall – 7th - Fenton Manor








We pride ourselves with our achievement of the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD award.