Welcome to Year 2's Class Page!

March 2018

It was our class assembly on the 9th March and we gave thanks to our mothers and the loving kindness they show us every day.

February 2018

In Art we have been working very hard designing and creating our own African masks. We really enjoyed creating them. Thank you Mrs McNicholas and Mrs Wiggins for helping us!

January 2018

We had a fantastic time on our Educational visit to Wedgwood Museum! We enjoyed a handling session where we had the opportunity to look at different stages of clay and found out what their uses and functions are and also what they are made of. We were excellent detectives on the museum trail and found out new facts about Josiah Wedgwood. We all had a great opportunity to lithograph a plate and could not wait to show our families our designed work which was applied to a bone china item.




December 2017

We are now in the season of Advent and we participated in our Key Stage One Liturgy. Advent is a time when we think about our actions and try to make sure that we are ready for the coming of Jesus. We created an Advent promise to think how we can make a change to our lives. During the Liturgy, we placed our promises on the floor to help to create a path to prepare a way for the Lord.

Our half term 'Big Write' was so much fun! We watched the Christmas BBC clip 'Sprout Boy'. We were challenged to create our own sprout character and to plan and write a story about a sprout who didn't want to be on their own at Christmas. Don't worry, we made sure that our Sprout character was loved at Christmas! Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins were very impressed with our stories. We wonder what we will be writing about next time....


November 2017

In November, we remember so we planned and carried out our first class collective worship. To conclude our collective worship, we thought about peace and decided to stand up and hold hands to show that in the classroom we are going to treat one another with kindess and respect.  

We all created our own remembrance prayers and shared them with God in the prayer garden.

October 2017

On the 6th October it was our first Year 2 class assembly. We reminded everyone that books are magic and reading is special. We shared our new knowledge on how the bible is made up of two parts. We confidently retold the story about one special man from the book of Genesis. Noah’s story. We also shared as we read the bible we get to know God better. Even if we find it hard to read the bible at the moment we can listen to others tell us stories and get to know God that way.

From listening to the story of Abraham and Isaac in one of our RE lessons, we understood that God asks us to do difficult things. We all thought carefully and created our own prayers, asking God for his help with things we find difficult. We then  shared our prayers with God in the prayer garden.





September 2017

"Run run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!" 

We have started the academic year by focusing on the traditional tale, 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have been Marvellous Mathematicians and Wonderful Writers by carrying out many exciting challenges linked to our focused text.  We have even been Super Scientists by observing what happened to the gingerbread men when placed into different substances. Also, we have used our material knowledge to create a boat to help the gingerbread man cross the river. Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins were very impressed with our scientific language that we used!