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The Eden Project - Sustainability Sussed!

On Monday 16th April, Jenny from the Eden Project in Cornwall, visited our school to talk to us about the importance of sustainability.

The workshop started off with the children being encouraged to reflect on the contents of their packed lunch and consider how good it really is in terms of health, waste, packaging, food miles, farming practices and Fairtrade. They also learnt to understand that the food we eat connects us to people and environments all over the world and that we can make a difference through the decisions we make as consumers.

Terrific Scientific

Once again our year 5s are taking part in this exciting science project, run in conjunction with the BBC. 

The first session kicked off with a televised broadcast introducing the topic of health and the effect exercise has on our bodies.

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from an author, linked with radio Stoke, who had written about the Stoke dialect. Some of us had real 'Stokie,' accents and some of us were even on the radio.

In the Autumn term Y4, 5 & 6 took part in an anti-bullying assembly and workshop. The assembly included themes like not judging a book by it's cover and the importance of hope and forgiveness. Various activities were undertaken to promote discussion and thought about talking to someone if you think you are being bullied and the message that there is always someone who will help.

On Monday 25th September, we had a visit from a Science teacher, Mrs Brabbs, and some of the Year 7 pupils from St John Fisher Catholic College. We learnt all about the microscope and how to use it. We all really enjoyed the experience!

On 10th November it was the Y5 assembly. We remembered all those who had been killed or injured as a result of war, particularly those in World War 1 and II. We wrote our own war poems and we also learnt and recited some war poems that had been written by soldiers who had experienced war. One of the most famous was, 'In Flanders Field.'

As part of our topic on the Americas Y5 have looked closely at the work of Romero Britto. Britto is a contemporary Brazilian artist whose work is heavily influenced by Pop Art and Cubism. We hope you like our art work.

We have been using lots of practical equipment, like place value counters, to help us multiply and divide and to help us solve problems.

In Science we have been investigating forces, so far we have looked at gravity, air and water resistance. Our investigation into gravity looked at what impact different sized balls had when dropped from various heights. We had fun making spinners to test air resistance and manipulating materials into different shapes to test water resistance. 

Our Terrific Scientific feet investigation allowed us to calculate our arch height indexes to see if feet flexibility is affected by the terrain that we walk on. We used lots of Maths skills to help us work out the arch height indexes.