Year 6


Autumn Overview - World at War

Our Roles and Responsibilities

We have many important responsibilities in Year 6, our last year of primary school.

Here are some of the pupil leaders of our school:


Head Girl: Rosie

Head Boy: Christian

Deputy Head Girl: Evie

Deputy Head Boy: Shaun


Principal PAL (Prayer and Liturgy Support): Isla

PALs Team: Connie, Joanne and Leona


St. George's House Captain: Kyna

Vice Captain: Sam


St. Patrick's House Captain: Simon

Vice Captain: Eleanor


St. Andrew's House Captain: Joel

Vice Captain: Shay


St. David's House Captain: Marjon

Vice Captain: Ashton


RAF 100 Years Science Fair

To commemorate 100 years since the founding of the RAF, Staffordshire University held a Science Fair. We went along to experience lots of different stalls and activities celebrating Science, Technology and Engineering and had lots of fun getting hands-on with giant snails, snakes, robots and retro-toys from the past! A great morning was had by us all- and we even met our local MPs, Ruth Smeeth and Gareth Snell.

CAFOD Assembly and Workshop

After our annual whole-school assembly from CAFOD representative Mr Andrew, Year 6 then had a workshop on refugees. We learnt about how Mary, Joseph and Jesus were refugees when Our Lord was a child, and also about the current crises in Syria and the Holy Land, which has forced many people out of their homes and into neighbouring countries, sometime soften further. We finished with reflecting in our own personal ways on our learning; some of us responded by writing a prayer or poem, whereas others drew artwork. It gave us lots to think about and be thankful for in our own lives.


As part of our learning on the World at War, we were very lucky to go and visit the Weeping Windows poppy display at Middleport Pottery with Year 5. It was a very humbling and spiritual experience to see an artistic representation of just a small number of the soldiers who died for our freedom. We also enjoyed learning about the local history of the pot banks in our area and the jobs of the men and women working to create pottery for which our city is famous. Our favourite job was, of course, the saggermaker's bottom knocker!