Mission Statement 


By following in the footsteps of Jesus we are

‘making the heart, mind and spirit soar’


Our school is committed to:


  • Personal Development: enabling children to learn creatively, achieve their best personally and develop independently in a happy, secure, Catholic environment 


  • Nurturing and Developing Relationships with God: enabling all concerned to share their faith and God given talents in the service of others


  • Valuing Individuals: encouraging them to value all, no matter what their culture or faith and make a positive contribution to their socially and multi cultural diverse community


  • Valuing achievement: through the beatitudes and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, enabling children to celebrate their own and other's achievements in a spirit of love, joy, peace and gentleness


  • Guiding Life Choices: developing a firm foundation, based on the Virtues to provide children with the skills necessary to make the correct choices in life by the Holy Spirit


  • Promoting a Sense of Community: building upon a Catholic community of faith actively promoting the partnership between home, school and parish


  • Being Part of God's Family: ensuring that children are safe in the knowledge that everyone will be valued for their differences; knowing that they are created in the image and likeness of God


Our actions and words of today are the footprints of our future