Welcome to Year 2

Our Class Saint is St. Peter

Autumn Term 

Building The Kingdom Day - Advent 

To mark the Year of Prayer and Advent, Year 2 created prayer dice as part of our 'Go Forth' to share with our families at home. The children created Advent promises and shared them during our prayer and liturgy time. Finally they create baubles to hang on their trees to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and who we are waiting for.

Building The Kingdom Day - All Saints

We celebrated the Feast of All Saints as a whole school through various different activities. We all took part in orienteering finding out and learning about the lives of some of the great saints. KS1 learnt some information about different Saints and chose one to depict in a drawing focusing on symbolism. We thought about the qualities of a Saint and how we can follow their inspirational qualities.  

Design Technology

We explored stability and looked at strengthening materials. We looked at creating a cylinder shape and explored joining techniques to make the chair stable enough for baby bear! 


We learnt the different prayers that make up the Rosary. We create our own mini Rosary beads so we are able to pray the Rosary at home with our family. 



As part of our Science - Everyday Materials unit, we looked at the famous scientist Charles Macintosh and his invention of a waterproof material. We investigated which materials would make a good rain coat. We used lots of scientific skills and focused on property vocabulary.