Experiencing Bereavement is significant and for some children and adults, life may never be the same after such a loss. Death is a fact of life and grief after death is a normal emotional response that must happen, but understanding death is a developmental process and can take children a long time.


At St Thomas Aquinas, we hope to be able to support families and our pupils if a death occurs so that children can express their grief in a safe place with caring staff. Their upset is more intense if children do not have the opportunity to grieve openly. Reactions to bereavement can include withdrawal, open distress, tears, panic, aggression, anxiety, fear or other signs of stress. Sometimes stress may take the form of unusual behaviour such as giggling, being very brave, acting out or total denial.


We have a bereavement Policy based on the aims of Rainbows Bereavement Support

Supporting Bereaved Children through Difficult Times.pdf 

When a Grandparent Dies.pdf 

 Dealing with Loss - a Parent's Guide.pdf


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