Mission statement

Physical education is an essential part of all children's social and physical development. As a school we are committed to providing all the children with the opportunity to discover and develop their individual level of physical ability and motor skill. Through gym and dance we will create an exploratory environment where the children’s control and aesthetic understanding will be extended. Through the delivery of the curriculum we hope to develop positive attitudes to physical activity and encourage the children to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. The school will further offer opportunity for social and emotional development by structuring activities where the children can plan and lead activities, work with others and make judgements about their own and others' performances and actions. Through P.E., the children of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School will be made aware of their own and others strengths and weaknesses and will develop an appreciation of and an empathy for others' abilities and differences.

This mission statement will be met through the provision of a broad, well-balanced curriculum (2014 National curriculum see appendix 1) and an extensive after school hours programme.



P.E. is a subject within the National Curriculum and as such teaching should reflect the aims set out by the Government

Our aims are for all children to:

  • Be physically active and find enjoyment in physical activity
  • Master the physical skills and concepts to enable them to participate with confidence in a range of sports and activities
  • Develop physical skills, habits and interests that will promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle
  • To be given the opportunity and support to take part in a wide range of competitive situations (level 1 and level 2 and where possible level 3)
  • Develop positive attitudes to physical endeavour including fair play, perseverance and sporting behaviour, and an ability to cope with success and failure. For children to aspire to improve and to achieve their personal best
  • Learn how to co-operate with each other and work successfully in pairs, groups and teams. Also to show appreciation for their own and others' strengths and weaknesses through self and peer evaluation
  • Learn how physical exercise affects the body
  • Understand the needs for safe practice in physical activities and how to achieve this
  • Have ample opportunity to be creative within the aesthetic aspect of the subject
  • Be able to swim proficiently and to understand the basic survival and life saving skills
  • Be given opportunities to experience outdoor environments and activities and to know how to manage risk and stay safe.
  • To be given the opportunity and support to develop leadership skills.