Why are Saints so important to us here at St. Thomas Aquinas?

Saints, are so important because they are role-models, our models of faith. Saints intercede for us with God in heaven.


Did you know that Saints are the inspiration for naming Catholic Schools throughout the whole world?

How many Saints do you know?

Who is you favourite Saint and why?


Our Patron Saint

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School is named after the great Doctor of the Church, St Thomas Aquinas, who lived in the thirteenth century. St Thomas Aquinas is known primarily as a brilliant theologian and philosopher and is the patron saint of universities and scholars.

St Thomas Aquinas is an ambassador for education and serves as a wonderful role model for our children. He was also a man of the heart and humility. He was a great servant to his community and was generous and tireless in his efforts to help others.


Our House Saints


Throughout the school there are 4 House teams that the children belong to and the Patron Saint of each house inspires the children through prayer and example to work together in community to be the best they can be and the people God has created them to be. The year 6 children in each House plan, prepare and deliver an assembly about their Patron Saint to the whole school around their saints Feast Day. Each team  house captain and deputy house captain from Year 6. Their role involves representing their house in collecting trophies and being leading examples for their team.


  Saint Andrew 

     Saint David       

Saint Patrick

Saint George

Our Class Saints

All classes have chosen a Saint to help and guide them in their school life. We want to celebrate the lives of the Saints and take guidance from how they lived their lives to make Christ known to all.

    EYFS - Saint Mary

   Year 1 - Saint Joseph

   Year 2 - Saint Peter

    Year 3 - Saint Paul

           Year 4 - Saint Teresa of Calcutta

            Year 5 - Saint Francis of Assisi

            Year 6 - Saint Bernadette


Saint of the Month

Our PALS choose a different Saint of the month each academic year, they then plan, prepare and deliver an assembly to the whole school.