Welcome to Year 3

Our Class Saint is St. Paul

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We are so excited about this academic year and have lots of fantastic topics that we cannot wait to share with you. Year 3 is a big transition as you move into Key Stage 2 but we are always here to guide you as you enter this new chapter.

Year 3 is also a very special year as you will be preparing to receive Jesus for the very first time. We look forward to being with you every step of the way and helping you along your special spiritual journey.

Please take a look at the overviews below to see what we will be learning this year.

Long Term Overview 

Autumn Term Topic Web

Spring Term Topic Web


Autumn Term 

LKS2 Christmas Play

Year 3 & Year 4 worked so hard learning their lines and songs for their Christmas Nativity ‘A Midwife Crisis’. All your hard work paid off as the performances were absolutely outstanding, they certainly did themselves and us proud!

Enrolment Mass 

Today, some of our Year 3 children attended their Enrolment Mass, where along with their parents they renewed their baptismal promises. Thank you to those children who beautifully read the bidding prayers and respectfully brought the gifts to the altar. All children were reverent and prayerful during the Mass, we are extremely proud of you all. Please pray for these children as they continue their journey of faith to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist during this academic year.

Disney Dance Session

Year 3 took part in a live lesson with Disney, where they had the opportunity to learn the choreography and singing parts to one of 'Frozen's' best known songs,' Fixer Upper', led by Disney Theatrical Performing Artists. The children were full of energy and doing some great moves. Well done Year 3.

LKS2 Mass

This week, LKS2 came together in the school hall to celebrate Mass. It was a wonderful Mass and the children read, sang & responded beautifully. Thank you Fr. George for celebrating Mass with us.


We are enjoying learning different dribbling skills and have been getting super speedy at moving with the ball in their relay races! Using the hockey sticks can be tricky at times, but the children are quickly learning how to use the stick to move the ball, run forward, and look out for other people, all at the same time!


We loved our Coding lesson this afternoon, we got really excited when we programmed the snails to win the race!


We are studying the Stone Age and in art, we have been looking at cave paintings. We learned about the caves at Lascaux, Chauvet and El Castillo.


Year 3 are focusing on health and movement in Science. We looked at the importance of having a balanced diet as well the different food groups, developing our understanding of why each food group is important for our body to stay healthy. In this lesson, we sorted different foods in to Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Oils, Fruit and Vegetables and Milk and Dairy. We were really successful and can now sort food correctly in to the five different categories.

Year 3 Assembly - Belonging & Baptism

This afternoon, our fabulous Year 3's shared a wonderful assembly about belonging and baptism with the whole school and their parents. The children told us about the importance of belonging to groups and the roles and responsibilities that they have in the different groups they belong to. They also role-played the Rite of Baptism. Well done Year 3, we are so proud of you

Stone Age Boy

In English this week, we started reading Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. We looked at the scene where the boy meets the girl for the first time. We role played this scene before creating dialogue between the two children. We really enjoyed using mime but we had the giggles at times! 

Planet in a Pickle Jar

During our first few days of Year 3, we worked on the gorgeously illustrated picture book ‘Planet in a Pickle Jar’ by Martin Stanev. This book is about not judging people based on appearances, and how families can work together to help save the planet. We worked on lots of different activities based on the book and at the end of the week we all filled a pickle jar with something we love!   Year 3 absolutely loved this book and their pickle jars were extremely personal and thoughtful.

Celebrating Our Lady's Birthday

Year 3 have had a fabulous few days settling into life in KS2. As part of celebrating Our Lady's birthday the children took part in a class liturgy, where they showed reverence & respect. They displayed a fabulous knowledge of the life of Our Lady throughout the liturgy. In class the children created their own statue of Mary and wrote prayers dedicated to her..