PALS (Prayer and Liturgy Support)


Our PALS at St Thomas Aquinas are a group of children who are committed to supporting the Headteacher, RE Lead and the staff of the school in our Catholic ethos and mission.

Our PALS for the current academic year are:

Johan (Principal PAL)





& Mikaela


These children have a significant part to play in the Catholic life of our school. They take responsibility for:

  • Organising resources for Whole School and Class Masses
  • Running the technical aspects of Mass- Powerpoints and hymns/ music
  • Leading collective worship, particularly during important liturgical seasons- such as the Rosary group, Stations of the Cross
  • Managing hymn practices
  • Keeping a check on the stock of RE resources such as Bibles, artefacts, etc. 
  • Checking that the altars in classrooms and shared areas are liturgically correct, and feeding back to the RE Leader
  • Producing the school's termly Mission newsletter to inform parents of our Catholic mission
  • Managing the Prayer Garden
  • Distributing the Wednesday words
  • Organising the weekly Virtues badges and certificates.