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Foundation Stage Prospectus

 Everyday information:


Times of School Day:


The pupil entrance (Gate 2) and Park Gate open at 8.50am and entrance doors to the school building open at 8.55am. 

All pupils must be in their class by 9.05am for registration.


11.30am - Foundation Stage

12.00pm - Key Stage 1

12.30pm - Key Stage 2


Gate 2 and the Park Gate open at 3.05pm.

3.15pm - Foundation Stage 1

3.20pm - Foundation Stage 2 

3.25pm - Key Stage 1

3.30pm - Key Stage 2



At St Thomas Aquinas, we recognise the importance of excellent attendance. We believe that our aims of high standards in education and for our pupils to achieve their full potential, regular and punctual attendance is paramount and we endeavour to support parents and students in this.

 Attendance and punctuality issues can have a detrimental effect on the education that a pupil receives. Evidence shows that missing out on lessons leaves students vulnerable to falling behind and the tendency for them to achieve less than those students with a good attendance record.

We are committed to:

  • Promoting good attendance and reducing absence
  • Ensuring every pupil has access to full-time education
  • Act early to address patterns of absence and poor punctuality


Term Time Leave of Absence Request

We require parents to observe the term times of the school. The school will only authorise leave of absence during term time in 'exceptional circumstances'. If a leave request is granted, we will determine the length of time that the pupil can be absent.

We do not have the discretion to authorise holidays during term time.

Any requests for leave during term time will be considered on an individual basis and the pupil’s previous attendance record will be taken into account.


Please email the school office detailing the absence request for the Headteacher.