Welcome to Year 6 

Our Class Saint is St. Bernadette

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2023 - 2024


Year 6 Assembly

his week we had a Poppies and Poetry Workshop where the children looked at lots of different WW1 poem and worked as a group to perform and act out some of these poems . They performed it for the school and for parents at the end of their Remembrance Day Assembly and I was blown away by their efforts. Well done Year 6. 

Our new PALs have done a fantastic job so far this year in planning and delivering Saint of the Month Assemblies. The rest of the school have really enjoyed learning about different Saints, such as St Maria Goretti and St Regina. 

Year 6 have participate in four Masses so far this year. The Year 6 children are always involved in Mass: our PALs set up the Alter, the Prefects set out the benches and chairs for Year 6 children, staff and parishioners, they act as Alter Servers and have reading parts during the Mass. They always take their roles and responsibilities seriously and are great role models to other children throughout school. 

2022 - 2023


Heart dissection

This week in Science, Year 6 have been dissecting sheep hearts because this half term we have been learning all about the circulatory system. Today the children were able to identify the parts of the heart in real life. It was definitely an unforgettable experience for them!

Skills Builder Day

The children had a wonderful day working in teams to create a computer game. They developed essential skills, such as problem solving, creativity and speaking and listening. Well done year 6. 


Today the children celebrated a very special time in the catholic calendar - Pentacost. They did this through class worship, writing prayers on doves, making pledges on flames which they then released into the air and creating beautiful flame stained glass art. 

Bringing books to life through dance. Today the whole school explored different texts through dance for World Book Day. In year 6, we explored The Greatest Showman, which we are also looking at in writing. It was a wonderful, cross-curricular experience. 

Mental Health Week

This week we have been looking at mental health every day as part of Mental Health week. At the end of the week, the class worked together to produce this lovely poem. 

UKS2 Mass

Today we celebrated the 3rd Tuesday of Lent with Father George. Year 6 children led the Bible Readings and Bidding Prayers and the Year 5 children led the Procession of the Bible and the Offertory Procession. Father asked us to keep the Year 6 children in our thoughts and prayers this week as many of them will be taking their Confirmation this Thursday. 

Sublime Science

Wow! What a fantastic day. Today we kicked off science week with a visit from Sublime Science. Ramin came in and led an assembly and workshop that was full of exciting and practical science. The children were so engaged and afterwards many of them decided that they wanted to be scientists. It is definitely not a day that will be easily forgotten. 

Today, St John Fisher came in to work with our Year 6 pupils. They had a great afternoon thinking about the values that they use everyday in our catholic primary school and which will support them in the transition to high school. 


Teddy Bear’s Hospital

Today, the Year 6’s had a fantastic afternoon working with the fabulous team from Keele University. Keele's Teddy Bear Hospital is part of an incredible nationwide scheme that focuses on teaching primary school children all about health and lifestyle! The children took part in 5 different practical workshops:

Asthma: Learning a bit more about this common condition.

Dementia Awareness: Gaining a deeper understanding of how dementia affects people’s lives and how we can help.

Healthy Eating:  Talking about nutrition and balanced diets.

First Aid: Learning about how to help people who are unconscious.

Mental Health: Talking about different ways we can keep our minds as happy and healthy as possible.

Year 6 Trip

Yesterday (28.3.23), Year 6 visited St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham as part of the Year 6 RE curriculum on the world’s major faiths. As always, our children’s behaviour was excellent and their fantastic knowledge was commented on by both the tour guides. It was lovely to hear the children talk so eloquently about what they have learnt back in school.

The tour guides were so knowledgeable and I know that all the children learned a lot from the trip (I know that I certainly did). Take a look below at some of the photographs from the trip.

In Science this week, the children have been learning more about light and used mirrors and card to make their own periscopes. 

Today the children got active in their Grammar lesson! They had to use their orienteering skills in order to find and complete the Grammar questions. They had a great time. 

Wow, what an incredible afternoon we have had! The Year 6's were taught their final lesson on Light by Miss Oakden, Miss Fairweather and four sixth form students from St John Fisher. They got to take part in 5 different practical light experiments and certainly learnt a lot. 

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. We have been discussing the importance of building connections with others and how we can protect ourselves and others from feeling alone and disconnected. During the week, the children worked in small groups to create a class poem based on the based on the 'Together' poem by Matt Goodfellow. 

Autumn Term

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and members of the community who came to our Year 6 assembly on Remembrance Day. I am sure you would agree that the Year 6's were wonderful. 

Year 6 had a wonderful time on our trip to The Hanley Pottery Museum and Art Gallery on Tuesday 18th October. As always, or children's behaviour was exemplary. We explored the history of ceramics and carried out experiments with clay. We also explored the Spitfire display and visited the Cenotaph as part of our History Topic on WW1 and WW2.