Useful links


Ultimate Maths Organiser - with helpful video links

Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica - an excellent, fun way to practise Maths skills

Crystal Explorers -an excellent way to practise grammar, punctuation and spellings.

Questions for you to practise:

Arithmetic Ninjas - practise your arithmetic skills

 MyMaths - practise all your  different maths skills

Timestables Rockstars - practise your times tables. Can you become a rock legend?

Maths Chase - practise your times table skills in a fun game

Prodigy- use your maths knowledge to win the battle and level up

Grid method - This method is great for multiplication of three digit and two digit numbers.


Short multiplication - good for multiplying by 1 digit numbers


Long multiplication - good for multiplication of large numbers with multiple digits



Division (Chunking)

Click on more Maths then Chunky division