Sporting Competitions and Achievements


Autumn 2023


What a fantastic morning Year 6 have had representing our school at the Primary Sportshall Athletics competition. We could not be prouder of them. They cheered each other on, behaved impeccably and came 4th overall!

Some of Year 5 and 6 children kick started the new academic year by representing the school in the first Football League match of the year. They showed real team spirit and determination. Well done boys!

Summer 2023 

Well done to our boys football team for winning 1-0 against The Priory. It was a very close game and the boys showed a lot of determination. 


The boys also won against Harpfields 3-o last week. What a fantastic result! We are all very proud of you. 

Spring 2023

As 2023 kicks off, the children have been very busy competing in lots more sports competitions. Take a look below to see what they have been up to. 

Wow!! Well done Chebe for making it to the City Cross Country final and helping Stoke boys come first! What an achievement!

Cross Country at Thistley Hough

It was a very chilly day today but the children turned up with smiles on their faces and gave their very best as always. They all did really well, with some of them competing in their first cross country race. A special shout out to Chebe, who managed to come in the top 5 again this week. 

It was a lovely afternoon for a fooball match when our UKS2 boys went to St John's to compete in the next football league game. They played really well against a very competitive team. Well done boys. 

On Wednesday, our wonderful cross country runners competed again and all managed to finish in a higher position than they did the previous week! What an achievement! Well done. 

Well done to out Year 5/6 football team who competed in a MAT football tournament last night at Newcastle College. You performed brilliantly. 

Year 3 had a lovely time at the Change4Life Festival at Trentham Academy and got to try out lots of new sports and activities. 

Our wonderful Dodgeball team, made up of children from Y3, Y4 and Y5, competed against other schools within our MAT at St John Fisher High School. They showed real determination and sportsmanship. Well done. 

Autumn 2022

Well, this term has been jam packed with sports competitions! We have seen our Year 5 and 6's shine in tag ruby and athletics, got started with our inter-school football league and tried lots of different sports through the Year 3/4 Sports Fest and Year 5 / 6 Sports4All event. Take a look below at what we have been up to...

The Year 6's performed amazingly at the Sports Hall Athletics competition at Trentham Manner, coming 3rd overall out of over 20 schools! Wow! Here are just a few of our amazing competitors. 

We are so proud of your Year 5 and 6's who competed in the UKS2 Tag Rugby Competition. They showed real passion and skill and came 3rd overall in the competition. 

Football season kicked off with a mixed competition at the Power League, followed by our first boys league match against The Willows. Both teams played really well and the boys team can't wait for their next league game next term. 

Our wonderful Year 3 and 4 children who represented the school at the LKS2 Sports Fest and earned themselves a bronze award. Well done to you all. 


This year we are looking forward to entering face to face competitions as restrictions have been lifted. 

Town/City events Stoke-on-Trent games
Town cross country  Multi-skills festival Y3-4
City cross country
Dance project 
Cricket competition



 'Sports 4 All' Festival 

A few of our Year 6 Children recently entered the 'Sports 4 All' Festival at Trentham Academy.  Children had the experience of taking part in a wider range of sporting activities including Goal ball, seated volleyball, Boccia and new age kurling. The activities focused on fun, enjoyment and teamwork rather than competitiveness.

Cancelled Events Entered: 

Y5/6 Football Tournament (Stoke Town- The Willows Primary School) 07/11/19

Y5/6 Tag Rugby (Trentham Academy) 10/10/19

Y5/6 High Five Netball (South Stoke- Fenton Manor) 22/10/19

Spring term sports fixtures 2019

Sports Teams results for 2018-19

Level 2 Competitions (Inter-School): 


22/10/18 Y5/6 Football tournament at The Willows - knocked out.

11/10/18 Y5/6 Tag Rugby tournament at Trentham RC - 3rd place.

08/10/18 Y5/6 Football tournament at St Teresa's - 2nd place.


Swimming 2018-19

At St Thomas Aquinas, we send our Y6 and Y4 classes for half a term of swimming and our Y5 class for a full term. The children have an hour session in the pool for approximately 6 weeks or 12 weeks if a full term.

Currently in Y6, 97% of our cohort are able to swim competently and confidently a minimum distance of 25 metres.

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the PLATINUM mark this year (2017-18) in the Sainsbury's School Games! This is a brand new level open to only those schools who have achieved the GOLD mark for 4 consecutive years. We are extremely proud of ourselves for achieving such a fantastic award!

Sports Teams results for 2017-18

Level 2 Competitions (Inter-School): 


5/6/18 Girls Cricket at Longton Cricket Club - joint 4th.

24/5/18 Y5/6 Cricket at Longton Cricket Club - 7th (out of 13)

22/5/18 Y4/Y3 Cricket at Longton Cricket Club - 4th (out of 9)

9/5/18 Netball (7s) at Thistley Hough - 3rd.

30/4/18 High Five netball at Ash Green - A team joint 1st. B team 3rd.

28/3/18 MAC Y3/4 Football tournament at Newcastle College.

1st, 12th and 21st March 2018 - Cross country.

7/2/18 MAC Netball tournament at Newcastle College (joint 3rd).

9/1/18 High Five - Fenton Manor - 2nd.

5/12/17 MAC Y5/6 Basketball tournament at Newcastle College (3rd).

20/11/17 Sportshall heats – Trentham High – 3rd.

15/11/17 MAC Y5/6 Football tournament at Newcastle college (4th).

3/11/17 Y5/6 Football tournament at The Willows (Knocked out).

12/10/17 Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby – Longton rugby club – A Team – Joint 1st; ; B team – 3rd

6/10/17 Y5/6 Football tournament at St Teresa's (Knocked out).



At St Thomas Aquinas, we send all of our KS2 classes for half a term of swimming. The children have an hour session in the pool for approximately 6 weeks.

Currently in Y6, 59% of our cohort are able to swim competently and confidently a minimum distance of 25metres.

We are looking at reviewing the current provision for the next academic year to ensure that a higher percentage of children will achieve the minimum swimming requirement by the end of KS2. 

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the GOLD mark again this year (2016-17) in the Sainsbury's School Games! (That's 4 consecutive years now). Well done to everyone involved for helping to make this happen!

Sports Teams results for 2016-17

Level 2 Competitions (Inter-School): 

13/7/17 Mixed Rounders at St John's - 2nd.

16/6/17 Stoke Town Sports at Northwood Stadium - 1st in Girl's Field events.

Y5/6 Cricket - cancelled due to weather.

23/5/17 Y4/Y3 Mixed Cricket Tournament at Longton Cricket Club - 2nd.

20/5/17 Stoke Town Swimming Gala at Fenton Manor - 4th.

15/5/17 Netball Tournament at The Willows - cancelled.

8/5/17 Y3/4 Tag Rugby at Trentham Rugby Club - 3rd.

5/4/17 High Five Tournament at Thistly Hough. A team 3rd. B team 3rd.

31/3/17 Football Tournament at The Willows (Knocked out).

9th, 15th, 23rd and 29th March 2017 - Cross country.

10/1/17 High Five – 2nd – Fenton

28/11/16 Sportshall final – Trentham High – 1st (through to County)

21/11/16 Sportshall heats – Trentham High – joint 1st (St Teresa’s).

13/10/16 Y5/Y6 Tag Rugby – Longton rugby club – A Team – 3rd; B team – 3rd

7/10/16 Football tournament at St Johns (Knocked out).


Level 3 (County) Competitions:

16/2/17 County Sportshall – 7th - Fenton Manor








We pride ourselves with our achievement of the Sainsbury's School Games GOLD award.