E-Safety in Our School


This year our E-Safety Ambassadors have new roles and responsibilities. 

Here are our team for 2019-2020.

Safer Internet Day 2020

This year, like every year, our E-Safety Ambassadors helped to host the National Internet Safety Day on February 11th. 

We gathered the school together to introduce the topic this year which was 'Free to be Me'. This topic discussed the positives you can experience by using the internet safely but also highlighted the long-lasting nature of things you post online. To support the powerpoint we also read a story about Goldilocks. Unlike the traditional tale, in our story Goldilocks was OBSESSED with her online following and posted more and more pictures/videos every day. When her following were getting bored of her, she decided to break into the three bears house and post pictures of her adventure. The three bears were, understandably, annoyed about this and had more than enough evidence to show the policeman. Goldilocks was mortified about what she had shared and after many, many hours of chores learnt her lesson.

Always think before pressing send.