Foundation Two Remote Learning


Hi Foundation Two,

Below are a few activities / links to keep you learning until you're back in school.

Have Fun

Mrs Horton

Story Time

Listen to the story of The Magic Porridge Pot

Draw a picture about the story.

Click here to access The Magic Porridge Pot Powerpoint

Retell the story to somebody else.


Listen to the story Somebody and the Three Blairs

 How is this story the same as the Goldilocks story / how is it different?



Keep learning the sounds in your box.

Identify and say the initial sounds in familiar words. Balloon Phonics: Three-Letter Words CVC Game ( )

Practise saying letter sounds. Start with set 1 and build up. Flash Cards (Phase 2) - Online Phonics Game (

Listen to someone say the letters in the words one at a time i.e. p i n, then click on the matching picture.

Fishy Phonics (Phase 2) - Online Phonics Game (



Practise writing your letters using the rhymes on the bottom of your sounds. You can air write them, paint, draw or use your finger in porridge but remember to start at the top.

 Click here to watch me form the letters i,  j,  l,  t, f, k   



Let them explore 1p and 2p coins.

Practise your counting skills. Start with numbers up to 5. Learning to Count up to 15 with Teddy Numbers Interactive Maths Game (

Finish these shape patterns.  Shape Patterns (


Make porridge- observing the changes from dry to wet.

Taste the porridge describing how it tastes. Add different flavours and choose your favourite.

Search the internet safely with an adult to find out which animals live in the British woodland.

Click here to guess the woodland animals.



Think about things that God has created.

Draw / paint a picture or use dough to create something that God created.



Click here for the words to a song about The Magic porridge pot.

Click here for the music baking track.