Foundation Two Remote Learning


Hi Foundation Two! 


I hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. 

It is very important that you continue to learn while we are all isolating at home.

Please find a home learning timetable below.

If you are unwell or need any support please do not hesitate to email me.


Mrs Horton (

Please find below activities and ideas to support the above home learning timetable. Colours link to the subject areas above. Black text refers to updates specific to this weeks learning.

Wk Beg 23,11,2020

Story Time Penguin stories

Reading a story of your choice to your child.

Watch a story with your child.

Asking your child questions about the story i.e, How do you think that made them feel?

Joining in with repeated refrains i.e, Run, run as fast as you can…

Predict the ending of a story or thinking of an alternative.



Going for an Autumn walk.

Riding their ride on, bike or scooter.

Joe Wicks on Youtube.

Ball skills- rolling, throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling.

30 second challenges i.e. star jumps, standing on one leg, snow angels, running on the spot.

Balancing bean bag / small cushion on different parts of their body.

Getting dressed as quickly as they can!


Speed Sound Lesson - Please access, complete and become confident with Game 1 first steps before moving on. Thank you  Buried Treasure, Dragons Den,  Picnic on Pluto or Pick a Picture- Please access Phase 2 level before moving on to Phase 3. Thank you Please access Phase 2 level before moving on to Phase 3. Thank you



Time spent with their reading box (letter sounds, cvc words & pictures, common exception words) / book.



Hearing and recording the initial sound in words.

Using Fred Fingers to spell a cvc word from your box. 

Write the cvc word to match the pictures in your box.

Learning to spell the common exception words in your box.

Click on Fred Frog below!

Letter Formation

Practising fine motor skills to support letter formation including:

Dough Disco

Colouring sheets

Peg boards

Threading- maybe pasta



Drawing- maybe a picture to go with the story from story time.

Using the letter sound cards to practise air writing and the corresponding rhyme.

Recording letters using correct formation. These are often easier if practised with similar letter groups i.e.

l, t, f, i, j, k

r, h, n, m

c, a, d, g, o, q, s

b, p

v, w

u, y

Others are unique- e, x, z



Sorting- ask you child to sort objects into two sets. This may be by colour, shape, size, pattern, or by anything else they can think of. It is important to sort in different ways. You can use household objects i.e. cutlery, food, clothes. Toys i.e. animals, soft toys, building blocks.

Comparing quantity- using the vocabulary more / fewer (less) / same to describe different quantities.

Quantities can be changed by adding 1. / taking 1 away.

Build towers of 1 more each time / 1 less each time.

Recognising 0 and understanding the concept.

Finding different ways to make 5 using 2 numbers- sharing 5 sweets between 2 people in different ways i.e. 0 and 5, 1 and 4, 2 and 3, 3 and 2, 4 and 1, 5 and 0.

Jack Hartmann videos- this is number 0, number pairs 0.

Shape hunt around the house looking for 2d shapes- squares, rectangles, circles, triangles-
Jack Hartmann- 2d shape video

Information and Numbots login details have already been sent home.

Completing jigsaw puzzles

Watch Number Blocks episode 11



Sculpting with dough- create dough penguin

Drawing How to draw a penguin click here

Cutting activities / sticking activities-

Painting or chalk- create a penguin.


Understanding the World

Searching on the internet to find out about- Antarctic and penguins.

Click here to watch the penguin power point.



Dancing to different music.

Copying a simple rhythm i.e. clapping

Singing nursery rhymes / songs. 

.You Tube – Please access Stoke-On-Trent City Music Service Make Some Noise Soundpots. Stoke-On-Trent City Music Service Mini Music Makers. 


 Turn Taking Games

Simple board games i.e. snakes and ladders




 Introduce purple prayer space, vestments, paper chain, Advent calendar and Advent wreath. 


Singing simple songs including:

God’s Wonderful World YouTube

What noise shall we make? YouTube

Jesus Love is Very Wonderful YouTube Little Kids Praise