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Hi Year 2! 

How are my superstars? I hope you are fit and healthy!

I have had a fantastic idea! I do not want you to forget what you now know, so I have set you some exciting challenges for you to complete at home. I am sure you will impress your parents and carers on everything that you know and can do! 

Make sure you keep checking as I will be adding new challenges for you. 

I have updated the RE section for special activities to do for Holy Week.

You will spending lots of time with your family. Enjoy and cherish making memories with your family! 

I hope you enjoy some of the below activities with your family and I cant wait to hear all about it! Click here to find '100 things to do indoors'. 

Keep shining bright, take care and I can't wait to see you soon!

Miss Coxon 



Click here to view the letter that listed what was in your challenge packs. 

Please complete any work that you do in the books that Mrs Wiggins gave you on 20/03/20! 


Please do not hesitate to contact me via the email that you were provided with if you have any queries or questions with regards to your child and their learning. 


Parent HUB

Below is a website that provides you with amazing resources that will help you to understand what your child is taught and how to support your child further.


In our daily maths, we were learning all about Fractions. 

Below are some websites/activities that you could do to support your fraction skills!


Daily maths resource 

Click here for more information from Mrs Moorhouse (Maths leader)


Click here to view an example of an arithmetic challenge. Why don't you ask your parents/carers to create calculations for you to do at home! 

Online challenges 

You each have usernames and passwords for the below.

I love having a look each week day on who has completed their maths challenges on MyMaths and Timetable Rockstars! 

Additional Maths websites  

Ask your parents/carers to sign you up to Maths Factor!



Text based challenge: Handa's Hen  (In class we have already looked at Handa's Surprise).

You can watch Handa's Hen using the below clip.

Possible English Challenges:

  • Retell the story in your own words. 
  • Create your own play script (just like you did for Handa's Surprise).
  • Make a list of adjectives to describe different creatures.
  • Write a new story about Handa that features different numbers of objects. 


Writing opportunities 

Visit the 'pobble' website link below. Each day a new picture is displayed and you are provided with a writing challenge.


Watch the clip 'Zahra' and write A day in the life...from the little girls point of view.

Write about a picture!


Year 2, you are superstars at writing stories, retells, play scripts, diary entries and

letters. If you wish to write about something that interests you, then please do so.

Remember to try your best and include your writing skills! 


Please encourage your child to use the writing skills that applies to their writing


Writing Skills: Full stops, capital letters, adjectives, capital letters for pronouns,

adverbs of time (first, then, next, after, finally), conjunctions (and, but, so, because, if,

when, that), noun phrases, exclamation sentences, commands, commas in a list and an adverb to

describe a verb (quickly, slowly, loudly). 



Practise spelling the Common Exception Words. Can you put them into a sentence? 

Please click here to view the 'Common Exception Words'.


Useful spelling websites 

Revisit previous spelling rules: 

Spelling games for fun:


Reading and Comprehension 

You each have username and passwords for the below website. This will support your reading fluency and comprehension skills.


Reading for pleasure


Parents/Carers will have to create a log in for you to access free book band books online using the link below.


Make sure you ask your parents/carers to ask you questions about the text you have read or heard. Click here to view the relevant questions. 




Click here to view the 'Lent Calendar' created by CAFOD. What's your goal?


In RE, we have looked at many parables. (The Sower, The Lost Sheep, The Unforgiving Servant, The Prodigal Son and The Talents parable). 

Can you draw a picture of your favourite parable and retell the story to a family member. I think you should also tell them why your chosen parable is your favourite. 


Holy Week 

 It is Palm Sunday on 05/04/20 and marks the beginning of Holy Week. If you have a bible at home please read 'Palm Sunday' or watch the clip below.

I would like you to ask your parents/carers for a piece of paper and ask them to help you to draw around and cut out the shape of your own hand. On the four fingers you should write:
• something to praise God for (on 2 fingers)
• something to thank God for (on the 2 fingers)

You can share your prayer with your family/carers. When you read each one of your sentences you can fold down the finger on your paper hand. This leaves the hand in the ‘thumbs up’ shape – a reminder that God has heard your prayers.




Easter will be approaching us soon. Why don't you create an Easter card for your family? I am sure they will love your card! 


Design Technology 

Can you create your own safari or a model of your favourite African animals using the resources around your home. Make sure you ask parents/carers first :) 



Join Doctor Chip's Daily Dose of Science at 10am LIVE every week day using. Click on the below clip.

 Can you create an eye-catching poster telling somebody all about the different habitats that exist in our wonderful world? Watch the below clips to help you to learn some super Science facts!


Our next topic in Science is 'Growing Plants'. What plants have you got in your garden? Could you help to tidy up your garden? Could you plant a seed or bulb?

You can watch lots of videos all about plants using the link below.


Join Joe Wicks on Youtube at 9am each weekday morning for your daily exercise!


Continue to participate in 'Supermovers'. Why don't you ask your family and carers to join in too!


Have you ever done yoga before? There are lots of yoga videos if you click on the below link.


Our current Topic is Africa. We have discovered lots of facts about Kenya. Now it is time to explore Nigeria! Use the below link to do this.

Make sure you listen to the facts as you will have questions to answer!



In our last Computing lesson, you created a bar chart on what our favourite colour was as we linked it to our 'World Book Day' text. Can you remember? Use the below link to create your own bar chart on a topic that interests you.

Our next lesson involves you to create your own branch database. I wonder if you can work out how to create your own branch database using the link below.



There are lots of fantastic activities that you can do in your home with your family! Enjoy bringing Music into your home!