Click the book link to open a child-friendly story explaining the Coronavirus. 

Free updates below

Daily David Walliams Audiobook accessible here  -  Marvellous Maths lessons from Carol Vorderman here  -  Daily Half an Hour Fitness with The Body Coach here

Skills Builder Daily Challenges here

Hi Year 2! 

It has been quite a wet and miserable week, weather wise hasn’t it? I hope the sunshine makes an appearance for our well deserved summer break. Each week you have all put the biggest smile on my face and I just want to say a BIG BIG thank you. Your emails, pictures of challenges and online work have blown me away. I have loved teaching you and getting to know each and every one of you.  I have really loved the phone calls that I have had with you and I feel that I have got to know your parents/carers better too, which has been lovely! Your parents/carers have done an incredible job of continuing to support you at home and making sure you are happy and safe. I think you should give them the best high five in the air and hug to say thank you from us both. 
You have impressed me since September and I am so proud of you all. You have grown in confidence, knowledge and skills in all areas. I say this all of the time to you, but it is because it is true. You really are absolute superstars. I wish you all of the best in Year 3 and I know you will continue to shine very bright. Remember to believe in yourself and always try your best. Have a fantastic summer break with your families and I will see you very soon. 


Miss Coxon 


Family Fun 

I am sure you are enjoying and cherishing making memories with your family. I have found

some additional activities you can do with your family. I hope they bring more smiles and

laughter into your home. 

Click here to find indoor activities you can do with your family.

Click here to find outdoor activities you can do with your family. 

Click here to view resources to boost and support your child's well-being.

Click here to complete some Thrive activities as a family. 


Week Commencing: 13/07/20

End of year activities 

Click here to write about your favourite memories of Year 2

Click here for all about me challenge which I will share with your Year 3 teacher

Click here to complete what makes you happy challenge  

Click here to complete an activity if you are feeling worried about anything. You parents/carers can reassure you and you can always email me too. 

Click here to list how you are an amazing person 

Click here to design your own dream jar

Click here to write how you can be kind to yourself over the holidays 

Click here to view the letter that listed what was in your challenge packs. 

Please complete any work that you do in the books that Mrs Wiggins gave you on 20/03/20! 


Please do not hesitate to contact me via the email that you were provided with if you have any queries or questions with regards to your child and their learning. 


Parent HUB

Below is a website that provides you with amazing resources that will help you to know what your child has been taught and how to support your child further.


BBC have produced daily lessons in Maths and English. They have also included lessons for Science, Geography, History, Music and Computing. Some of these topics are not what we would cover in school. Please check below in each subject to see what topics would be appropriate. However, if a topic really interests your child then please have a look and share with me what you have done.

Miss Coxon is on YouTube!  

Week Commencing: Monday 6th July 2020

Miss Kontic has set a whole school challenge this week. 

"This week, your task is to recreate a book cover of your choice in an exciting way. It is up to you how you do this. This could be by drawing or painting your book cover, taking photographs, dressing up or using ICT programmes such as Paint. You may even want to use an app such as 'Pic Collage'. Remember, you need to be featured on the book cover yourself".  


Week Commencing: Monday 29th June 2020

Mrs Bekalo has set you two challenges this week. One of those is to join the Good Shpehed Mass on Monday (29th) at 10am.


Miss Campbell has set another whole school challenge by launching a brand new competition on behalf of the Hartshill and Harpfields Residents Association. How exciting! You will need to take a photograph or draw or paint a picture that represents your experience of life in the local area during the Covid 19 lock-down. Please watch Mrs Bekalo's and Miss Campbell's video that I have emailed to you to find out more!


Children's Art Week

Children's Art Week is a UK-wide programme that gives children and young people the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of art activities online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. Each week will focus on a special theme.

The 2020 themes are…

Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World
Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations
Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and creative writing

Click here to find out more. 

Explore being artistic and creative Year 2!


Daily White Rose Maths 

The White Rose Maths and BBC are working in partnership to create daily maths

lessons for children. I highly recommend that you use this resource with your child

at home. Each day comes with a video that will teach and support your child and

below are the worksheets for your child to complete. 

Click here for more information from Mrs Moorhouse (Maths leader)  

Click here to access the website:

BBC website:

Monday 13th July

Click here to view the video links for each day of the week.

Monday              Monday answers

Tuesday           Tuesday answers

Wednesday         Wednesday answers

Thursday           Thursday answers 


Monday 6th July

Click here to view the video links for each day of the week.

Monday       Monday answers

Tuesday     Tuesday answers

Wednesday     Wednesday answers

Thursday     Thursday answers 


Monday 29th June 2020

Click here to view the video links for each day of the week!

Monday           Monday answers

Tuesday       Tuesday answers

Wednesday       Wednesday answers

Thursday       Thursday answers

Monday 22nd June 2020 

Click here to view the video links for each day of the week!

Monday     Monday answers

Tuesday    Tuesday answers

Wednesday     Wednesday answers

Thursday     Thursday answers 

Monday 15th June 2020

Click here to view the video links for each day of the week!

Monday     Monday answers

Tuesday     Tuesday answers 

Wednesday   Wednesday answers

Thursday      Thursday answers

Monday 8th June 2020

Click here to view the video links for each day of the week!

Click the below day to find the worksheet for your child to complete. 

Monday     Monday answers

Tuesday     Tuesday answers 

Wednesday     Wednesday answers

Thursday    Thursday answers


Monday 1st June 2020

Click here to view the video links for each day of the week! 

Click the below day to find the worksheet for your child to complete. 

Monday      Monday answers

Tuesday       Tuesday answers

Wednesday       Wednesday answers

Thursday         Thursday answers

Weekly Skills Check 

Week 1: Complete the skills check and ask a parent/carer to mark it

Week 2: Repeat the skills check and try to beat your score. 

Click on a number below and complete the weekly skills check. 

1   2  4  5  6   8  9  10



Online challenges 

You each have usernames and passwords for the below.

I love having a look each week day on who has completed their maths challenges on MyMaths and Timetable Rockstars! 

Additional Maths websites  

Ask your parents/carers to sign you up to Maths Factor!


Week commencing Writing Challenge Reading Challenge
Monday 13th July  Please view end of year challenges and check out Purple Mash. 

Captain Tom Moore

Click here for your challenge

Monday 6th July 

Describe a pirate. Remember to use lots of adjectives and try your best to use conjunctions to join your ideas together. 

Please access this activity on Purple Mash. 


Click here for your challenge

Monday 29th June 

Write your own seaside senses poem. 

Please access this activity on Purple Mash. I can't wait to mark them! 

Super Starfish 

Click here for your reading challenge

Monday 22nd June 


Use the reading challenge to help you to write a postcard to a friend and share with them all about your seaside day. 

Click here on information how to write a postcard. 

Click here for a Postcard template.

History of seaside holidays. 

Click here for your reading challenge..

Monday 15th June 

Create your own information page on seaside habitats. 

Click here for a fact file template

Click here for a leaflet template

*Your Science challenge will also help you to do this. 

 Beach Habitats. The below reading will help you with your writing challenge. 

Click here for your reading challenge.


Monday 8th June 

You are going to create your own Beach cafe menu. Click here to see an example. 

Sun, Sea and Beach safety


Click here for your reading challenge.

Monday 1st June 

You are going visit the seaside for a day. Write a list of items that you would take with you. Use an adjective to describe each item. 

Eg: soft towel

You could even write your list in a suitcase using this template or you could even draw one yourself. 

All about Beaches

Click here for your reading challenge.



Below is a link to Collins big cat books that gives access to a large volume of ebooks that are all book banded. 

Please click onto the TEACHER sign in with the following details:


Password: Parents20! 

Make sure you ask your parents/carers to ask you questions about the text you have read or heard. Click here to view the relevant questions. 




Please look on the 'Catholic Life' tab to explore what liturgy and prayer ideas you can do in your home. 


Prayer resource

 Click here to find daily prayers for you and your family

Week commencing: Monday 13th July 

At the beginning of the year, we explored the message in the story of Noah's Ark. We all

made promises to God and it was displayed on our prayer space. Click here to remind

yourself on the story of Noah's Ark. 


Draw and colour a rainbow. 

Write a promise around your rainbow that you are going to keep over the holidays. and share it with your parents/carers. 


Week commencing: Monday 6th July 

Week commencing: Monday 29th June

This week I would like you to find out more on 'Baptisms'. Could you ask your parents/carers what your  Baptism was like? Can you find some photos? What a celebration it is as God welcomes us into his family. 

Click here to watch a short video showing a Baptism. 

Challenge: Draw and label a Baptism scene. Click here for an example.

Week commencing: Monday 22nd June

This week and next,we would have spent our RE lessons looking at Special Celebrations.

This week I would like you to find out more on 'Marriage'.

Click here for a Powerpoint. 

Challenge: Create a bright and colourful poster or leaflet on what you have learned. 

Week Commencing: Monday 15th June

On the 19th June it is the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Challenge: Draw a heart and in the centre write Jesus. This represents Jesus' heart. Then use different colours to describe Jesus' heart. For example: love, forgiveness, caring, courage, compassionate. 

Click here for additional reading/activities. 

Week Commencing: Monday 8th June

Click here to listen to the 'Fruits of the Holy Spirit' song. 

Powerpoint     Challenge 1   OR  Challenge 2 

Week Commencing: Monday 1st June

Click here for your challenge or write your own retell of the Pentecost story. 

Click here to read the Pentecost story AND/OR click here to watch a clip. 



Our new topic in Science is 'Living things and their habitats'.

Click here to view the Knowledge Organiser

Week Commencing: 13th July

Click here for 'Science at home' activities for you to do

Week Commencing: 6th July

Click here for the PowerPoint

Click here to watch a short clip about Food Chains. 

Click here to complete an online game that allows you to complete a food chain. You may need an adult to help you. 

Week Commencing: 29th June

Click here for the Powerpoint

Challenge:  Go outside and explore micro-habitats. Click here for worksheets that might help you. 

Week Commencing: 22nd June 

Click here for the PowerPoint

Challenge:Draw and label an animal that would live in each of these different habitats. Some of the habitats are far away from us! 

Click here for the worksheets. If you do not have a printer, do not worry you can do this on a piece of paper. 

Week Commencing: 15th June

Click here for the PowerPoint

Challenge: Click here for a sorting activity. If you have not got a printer you can fold a piece of paper in half. List/draw as many animals and plants as you can that live in a seaside habitat, and those that don’t.

Week Commencing: 8th June

Click here for the PowerPoint

Challenge: Draw a habitat of your choice and draw animals that you could find there.

 Week Commencing: 1st June

Click here for the PowerPoint

Challenge: Go on a hunt and find things that are alive and things that are not. You could even group the objects into groups or you could draw pictures of them. 


Join Doctor Chip's Daily Dose of Science at 10am LIVE every week day using. Click on the below clip. 


Our Summer topic is 'The Seaside'. 

Week Commecing 6th July: Explore the 'Pirate' theme challenges that I have set you on Purple Mash. 

Week commencing 29th June: Identify similarities and differences
between seaside holidays now and in the past.

Click here for the PowerPoint.

Challenge: Click here tolLook at the statement cards. Decide if they describe seasides today or from in the past. This can be a verbal activity to do. If you have a printer, you could sort the cards and stick/glue them into two different columns. 

Week commencing 22nd June: Order seaside holidays in chronological

Click here for the PowerPoint. 

Challenge: Click here for another reading challenge. You need to read the two postcards and answer the questions. You can even do this verbally. You could even complete the seaside wordsearch or create your own for a family member to complete. 

Week commencing 15th June: How and when did seaside holidays become popular? 

Click here for the PowerPoint. 

Challenge: Click here to complete a reading challenge all about how seaside holidays became popular.  

Week commencing 8th June: Find out what the seaside was like in the past. 

Click here for the PowerPoint. 

Challenge: What were holidays like in the past? Click here for an online activity.

Week commencing 1st June: Identify the features of a seaside

Click here for the powerpoint

Challenge: Draw, label and colour a seaside scene. 



Join Joe Wicks on Youtube at 9am each weekday morning for your daily exercise!

Continue to participate in 'Supermovers'. Why don't you ask your family and carers to join in too!

Have you ever done yoga before? There are lots of yoga videos if you click on the below link.

Art and DT

Click the below for some fun craft seaside activities to do.  

Seaside in a bottle

Ice cream cone

Paper plate Sun



Parents/carers, this half term your child would be creating their own algorithms (set of instructions). If possible, could you download the below FREE app for your child to access at home. Thank you. 

Scratch jr. 

Click here to find information about 'Scatch jr' 

Click here for additional coding activity



Additional English Challenges 

10 minute challenge

For a daily dose of creativity and fun, check out the below website for '10 Minute Challenges', which are set by bestselling authors and illustrators. How exciting!


Writing opportunities 

Visit the 'pobble' website link below. Each day a new picture is displayed and you are provided with a writing challenge.


Write about a picture!


Year 2, you are superstars at writing stories, retells, play scripts, diary entries and

letters. If you wish to write about something that interests you, then please do so.

Remember to try your best and include your writing skills! 


Please encourage your child to use the writing skills that applies to their writing


Writing Skills: Full stops, capital letters, adjectives, capital letters for pronouns,

adverbs of time (first, then, next, after, finally), conjunctions (and, but, so, because, if,

when, that), noun phrases, exclamation sentences, commands, commas in a list and an adverb to

describe a verb (quickly, slowly, loudly). 



Practise spelling the Common Exception Words. Can you put them into a sentence? 

Please click here to view the 'Common Exception Words'.


Useful spelling websites 

Revisit previous spelling rules: 

Spelling games f