Welcome to Foundation Stage 1


St Thomas Aquinas EYFS Overview

We strive to provide children with an exciting, engaging curriculum that motivates them to explore and investigate through all areas of learning. We aim to provide them with the best possible opportunities, allowing them to enter KS1 motivated, confident and enthusiastic learners.

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Induction / Pets

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All of the children enjoyed going on an Autumn walk. They collected leaves to explore and used them to make leaf hedgehogs. 

Foundation One have had very special visits from Mrs Hellawell's pets as part of our 'Pets' topic. 

All of the children loved looking after a hamster, rabbit and tortoise for the day and learning about the different animals. 

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Foundation One have been learning about the butterfly lifecycle and so far they have been observing the caterpillars growing.  

Science week

The children have been learning about different occupations with emphasis on the NHS workers, doctors and nurses. They have also been learning about what to do in an emergency with Look out Lion and learning a 999 Emergency song. 

Foundation One completed 100 animal movements for Sir Tom.

The animal movements included, crab side steps, frog leaps, Giraffe steps, Jumping jellyfish jumps, lion runs, kangaroo jumps, mouse creeps, star fish star jumps.   

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