Welcome to Foundation Stage 1


St Thomas Aquinas EYFS Overview

We strive to provide children with an exciting, engaging curriculum that motivates them to explore and investigate through all areas of learning. We aim to provide them with the best possible opportunities, allowing them to enter FS2 motivated, confident and enthusiastic learners.

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Long Term Overview.

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Maths Mastery Curriculum.

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Our new Foundation 1 pupils,

enjoying making new friends and exploring their classroom and

outdoor environment. 

Our first visit to the prayer garden. Thanking God for what he created as part of our R.E lessons, learning about Creation. 

Learning about Creation in our R.E. lessons. We had fun making different animal movements and exploring different animal small world play. 

Creation Walk 

Learning about how we are all special and how we are the same and different. 

The children enjoy keeping active and participating in P.E. lessons. This half term we have be learning different ball skills.  

Remembrance Day

As a school, we created a

Remembrance Day Museum and Art Gallery. 

The children enjoyed listening to the story 'Harry and the Robots' and were really excited to use their imagination, to be creative to make their own Robot.


Music sessions

Our traditional tale was 'The Gingerbread man'. The children love this story and enjoyed a range of activities including creating their own Gingerbread man using playdough.

Our first trip

The Lost Post Office

The children enjoyed creating snowmen linked to our whole school Christmas big write - Kevin the Carrot Aldi Christmas advert. 

We have been learning about Advent during our R.E. lessons.

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