Welcome to FS1


Today, we were lucky enough to have a very special guest! Natalie Pritchard, the author of Monty the Manatee, read her story to FS1 and FS2. The story taught us to always be kind to our friends. We really enjoyed the story and at the end we were lucky enough to give Monty a loving hug!


During Space Week, we made our own rockets out of bottles and we had to choose the correct shapes to decorate them. We explored what a circle, triangle and rectangle were. We made two rockets, a small one and a big one and our astronaut was a rocket mouse! Then we explored, 'Which rocket makes the rocket mouse fly higher?' We found that the bigger rocket made the rocket mouse fly higher!

As a class, we went on our own Autumn Walk to look at how the trees were changing. We looked at the colour of the leaves and noticed that they were starting to change from green to orange, red and yellow. We also noticed that some of the leaves had fallen off! We walked through the leaves and looked at them in detail.

During the last week of term, we were lucky enough to go on a trip to Imagination Lane with FS2! We had a very exciting day imaging that we were doctors, nurses, builders, actors, shop keepers, chefs and mechanics.


In class today, we learnt all about poppies. We explored the different poppy colours by creating our own poppy collage! We used lots of red and black to make our fantastic poppies. We also used are maths skills to count the poppies on the grass.

As a class, we went on another Autumn walk to see what had happened to the leaves and the trees. We noticed that most of the leaves had now turned brown and nearly all had fallen to the ground! We also found pinecones and conkers hidden amongst the fallen leaves.