Welcome to Foundation One

Pets Topic

The children were really excited to have real pets in our classroom for the day. The children observed and looked after a real tortoise and hamster. 


The children enjoyed going on an Autumn walk. They collected Autumn leaves that fell off the trees.

Prayer Garden

The children went to visit our school's Prayer Garden. The children made the sign of the cross and joined in saying creation prayers. They also identified what God created.  

English Tea Party Fundraiser

The children in Foundation Stage took part in our English Tea Party Fundraiser.

The children made scones and enjoyed eating them with jam and cream. They also tried milky tea using tea cups and saucers.

The children were excited to learn and play different traditional English games. 


The children took part in displaying poppy's in the Prayer Garden. We remembered the soldiers together.


Our Nativity

The children were brilliant performing in their first Christmas concert in front of their families. 


Arctic Fundraiser

The children were very excited to make reindeer biscuits. They enjoyed eating them with a nice hot chocolate. 



 The children role played the Christmas story and made King crowns. 


Snowy Day 

The children were so excited to play and explore in the snow. 


Chinese New Year Fundraiser

The children in Foundation Stage took part in our Chinese New Year Fundraiser.

They enjoyed learning all about what they do in China to celebrate the New Year. 

The children took part in different activities such as, Chinese dragon dancing, making Chinese lanterns and Chinese money envelopes, learning how to use chopstick and role playing a Chinese New Year. 


Valentines Day Baking

The children were learning about the feeling 'love' as part of our 'All About Me' topic. 

The children made a special heart shaped shortbread the share with someone that they love. 



Dentist Visit

The dentist came to visit our Foundation Stage and taught us how to look after our teeth.

Pancake Day

The children helped to make some pancakes and then enjoyed tasting them with sugar and lemon. 

Science Week

We invited our mums and dads to a science workshop, learning about the butterfly life cycle.

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