Welcome to Year 1 


Class Information 

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Autumn 1  2020

Outdoor learning 

We have enjoyed our adventures and learning this term with Peak Survival School. We have explored and mapped out the local area. We have looked at different types of trees and made leaf rubbings. In the final session, we went into the local park to collect kindling for the fire, we attempted making fire using flint and steel and finally toasted marshmallows and enjoyed delicious smores.


In Science, we have been focusing on our senses. We have used our sense of sight on an Autumn walk, used our sense of smell to guess the ingredients in the Wicked Queen's potion, used our sense of taste to determine sweet, sour, salty and bitter, used our sense of touch to describe Autumn objects and finally we went on a listening walk.


In Art, we have been focusing on self portraits. First we drew our self portraits in pencil then we enlarged them using different media including pastels and crayons. We used paint to change our design to look like the style of a famous artist. 


In Maths, we have been comparing numbers using the vocabulary of greater than and less than. We have even used the <, > and = signs to compare numbers. 

Challenges in provision

Children have settled well into Year 1 and have enjoyed exploring the environment and completing independent challenges. 


We have been looking at place value and exploring numbers to 10. We looked at different ways we can represent numbers using numerals, words, pictorial and concrete resources.