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Autumn 2

The true meaning of Christmas 

On Christmas craft day, we enjoyed creating different types of Christmas trees to reinforce the true meaning of the Christmas tree. We also made wreaths and we are looking forward to hanging them up in our homes. 

Outdoor learning

This half term, we have really enjoyed our outdoor learning sessions. Our map skills have really developed and we have enjoyed exploring the signs of Autumn and becoming leaf and tree detectives!

One week, it snowed and it didn't stop our outdoor learning session. Once we created our own simple maps and symbols we given the opportunity to explore the snow and have fun in it! We will always remember this session!

Science workshop

To enhance our Science learning, we had an engaging and hands on workshop delivered by Christian from 'Unconventional Menagerie'. We had the opportunity to see, name, handle and group a range of animals. Our scientific knowledge and understanding developed throughout. A big thank you to Christian for a fabulous fact filled and practical workshop. 

In November, we remember

On the 11th November, we joined in with the whole school two minute silence in the hall. We also visited the schools museum/art gallery which helped our understanding further and we were able to plan and carry out our class collective worship when we returned back to class. 


In Computing, we used a program to alter an image and as we are in November we decided to create our own poppy. 



We enjoyed exploring our last senses lesson in Science. We were super scientists as we took part in a challenge where we had to predict what ingredient was in each pot. We were amazing Scientists as we recorded our results independently. 


On the 5th November, we celebrated Bonfire night by writing instructions on how to create a sparkler treat. Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins were very kind and allowed us to make our own sparkler treats in class. We enjoyed watching the firework display on the board and eating our delicious treats! 

Autumn 1

A special birthday celebration 

On 8th September we had a special birthday to celebrate, Our Blessed Mother, Mary. We enjoyed making a special card and shared it with Mary in the prayer garden. We then decided to sing happy birthday to Our Mother, Mary and ended the day by eating a very delicious birthday cupcake! 


We would like to say a big thank you to Sam from Bee Active for another fantastic PE lesson. Our spatial awareness, balance and body control when changing speed and direction really improved throughout the lesson. We especially enjoyed applying their new skills to the cat and mouse game. 

Outdoor Learning 

We really enjoyed our afternoon outdoor session with Mr Fox and Mr Nolan. We developed our mapping skills and by the end of the lesson we could sketch our own simple map and identify the physical and human features of our school and it's surrounding grounds. We even created our own key! Mr Fox and Mr Nolan were so impressed with us. We can't wait for our second session in a few weeks time. 


 Miss Coxon and Mrs Wiggins were very impressed with the different ways we could represent numbers up to 10. Are you?


Thank you Mrs Wiggins for introducing us to the artist, Pablo Picasso.

Do you like our Picasso portraits? 

KS1 Liturgy

We took part in our first Key Stage One liturgy and as it was October, we dedicated our liturgy to our Mother Mary. We really learning about the life of Mary, joining in with special prayers and songs, creating our own KS1 rosary and sharing how our own mums care for us.