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Our Class Saint is St. Joseph

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Summer Term

Design & Technology

As part of our DT project this term, we planned, prepared, taste tested and evaluated our own fruit smoothies. We really impressed Miss Shankland and Mrs McDade with our healthy recipes and maturity! 


As part of our Fantastic Five texts, we have been focusing on  the traditional  tale of Jack and the beanstalk. We have enjoyed listening to a variety of versions of Jack and the beanstalk and we enjoyed creating and writing our own alternative ending. 

Just like Jack, we enjoyed planting our own seeds (Jack used all of the beans). 


World Religion Week Celebrations 

We have had a fabulous introduction to Judaism. We will learn even more about Judaism when we are in Year 4. 

King Charles III Coronation celebrations 


As part of our Fantastic Five, we enjoyed reading Cyril the Cloud and it linked very well to our topic on weather. The book inspired us to find out more about the weather and to write our own non fiction page on a weather type. We also decided to observe the weather each day and record the daily weather. We became amazing weather forecasters! 

Our Key Stage Liturgy 

On 2nd May, we were joined by Father George for our liturgy. We made our own unique flowers to offer to Mary as we crowned her. We then offered up praises to God, just as Mary sung praises to God. We gave thanks for Mary, our mother and for all mothers. Father George kindly gave us a very precious Mary medal, and asked us to pray a Hail Mary every day during May. Thank you so much Father George!

Skills Builder Challenge day

 We had a fabulous annual whole school Skills Builder challenge day. We all had the opportunity to develop in all eight essential skills and worked in small groups to create a computer game that celebrated our school community. We impressed our teachers with our speaking, listening, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, aiming high and staying positive skills.


We were very curious and active in our RE learning. We enjoyed creating our own Paschal candle and finding out what the different parts of the candle symbolised. 

Spring 2 

Science - Can it huff and puff?

This half term, we enjoyed listening to The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Pig and The Three Little Wolves as part of of Fantastic Five texts. In Science, we loved pretending to be the bad pig or wolf (by using the pump). Then we used our material knowledge to make predictions on what objects would move. 

World Book Day celebrations 

On 30/03/23, we celebrated World Book Day in school. We enjoyed a dance workshop linked with the text 'Zog', which is written by Julia Donaldson. We then reflected on our own talents and recorded them on our own gold star.

Class Saint celebrations 

On Friday 17th March, we had a fantastic day learning all about our class Saint....St Joseph. We listened very carefully to Miss Coxon and our knowledge on the life of St Joseph kept growing throughout the day. We then completed a range of exciting activities and we could share what each activity represented. When Mrs McLernon-Evans came in to our school she was impressed with our enthusiasm and knowledge. We concluded our day with a collective worship. We each took home a prayer that we are going to share with our families and say it on St Joseph's feast day (19th March).

Collective Worship 

We planned our own collective worship based on Jesus words "Love one another as I have loved you". We listened to the story of the Good Samaritan and shared our Lenton promises that we have made. Our promises now look beautiful on our prayer space. 


We now know that Jesus brings the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness. We know that God’s love helps people to change and to choose what is good. At times everyone needs to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. We created our own sorry prayer and shared them with God in the prayer garden. 

Spring 1 


To conclude Spring 1, it was our class assembly. We really enjoyed sharing our assembly with the school and our families. We impressed everyone with our fabulous readings, poems, dancing and singing. We hope our families  loved their Valentine cards.

Mardi Gras Collective Worship

We enjoyed learning about Mardi Gras celebrations that take place over the world. We thought about how this festival marks the season of Lent. We took part in a Collective Worship to prepare ourselves for the season of Lent and our return to school after the half term break.

Multi-skills festival 

Well done to our eight KS1 pupils who represented our school brilliantly in the multi-skills festival at Fenton Manor. They all demonstrated great teamwork and fabulous fundamental skills. It was a fantastic afternoon and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Roll on the next event!


After creating our own timelines that showed the life of Theodore Roosevelt, the most perfect way to conclude our topic was to have a teddy bear picnic. 


Thank you to our reading buddies for listening to our recount of our educational visit. 

Educational visit

We had an incredible visit to Sudbury Hall Childhood Museum! We had the opportunity to explore the differences between toys from the past and the toys of today. We were fantastic toy detectives and completed various history toy challenges. We loved handling the toys too! We even used our new Science knowledge to identify the materials that the toys were made from and described them using properties. Our behaviour was impeccable and we impressed everyone with our historical knowledge, understanding and vocabulary! 


Happy feast day St Thomas Aquinas!

As part of St Thomas Aquinas feast day celebrations, we focused on an inspirational happiness and a love quote from our patron saint. We created a happiness poem and made a special card to someone we love. We concluded that the key to happiness is to be found in our own hearts. There can be no happiness without love and those who love God. 

Design and Technology 

We enjoyed designing and creating our moving bears. We think our teddy bear mechanisms look fantastic on our topic display! Thank you Miss Shankland and Mrs McDade for supporting us with our developing skills. 


Our new Topic this half term is 'Toys'. Our first lesson provided us with the opportunity to find out how toys have changed over time via pictorial sources. We also had the chance to handle a few of the toys. By the end of the lesson, we all created our own timeline that clearly shows how toys have changed over the decades. 

Autumn 2

The true meaning of Christmas 

This year we focused on the 'elves'. Our split pin elf reminds us that we should be the best that can we be and great followers of Jesus. 

Collective worship

We understand that Advent is a special time and is filled with joy. We worked together as a class and planned and delivered our own collective worship. We were reverent throughout. 



Thank you to the members of staff from 'Unconventional Menagerie' who joined us and made our Science learning come to life. We were super scientists as we could ask and answer a variety of animal questions. Miss Coxon was very impressed with us as we could identify the animal group, food group and could compare the animals too. We enjoyed meeting all of the animals and as you can see from the photographs we were very brave. What an extraordinary experience we have had! 


We used our fieldwork and observational skills to study our school grounds. We could identify the key human and physical features of our environment successfully.

We could also use simple compass directions (North, South, East and West) to record what we could see from our school grounds. We enjoyed looking at a compass and look forward to using them in the future. 

Thank you Miss Shankland and Mrs McDade for helping us with our learning. 

PSHE - Parliament week

To promote parliament week we had a big question shared with us. It was 'should we ban school uniforms?'. We could not believe our eyes when Miss Coxon set up our own polling station. It was a great experience! 

We also had the opportunity to write our own speech which answered the big question. Then we used our speaking and listening skills when sharing our speeches with one another. 



Remembrance - 2minute silence 

We took our own poppies outside to pay our respects to all of the soldiers, past and present. 


We successfully took a photograph and downloaded it on a graphics package and made some changes to the original photograph. As we are in November, we created our own poppies to help us to always remember those who have died and those who are helping to keep us safe. 


Miss Coxon and Mrs McDade challenged us to use our sense of smell to identify the ingredient in each pot. We were great Scientists as we could predict, identify the ingredients and record our findings. 

English/Fantastic Five

 One of our fantastic five books this half term was a non-fiction text called 'The Gunpowder Plot'. We now know lots of facts about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate bonfire night. To celebrate bonfire night we made our own editable chocolate sparklers. They were delicious! If you want to know how you make them you can find the instructions in our English books. 


On the first day back, after half term Miss Coxon challenged Year 1 to identify the signs of Autumn. All of the children successfully completed an Autumn scavenger hunt, sorted leaves into various groups and identified different leaves that we have in our school grounds. The outdoor session concluded by children finding their favourite leaves and creating leaf rubbings with them. The Science learning continued indoors as the children agreed on a tree from our school grounds and illustrated what the tree looked like. Year 1 are looking forward to observing how the tree changes over time.  

What super Scientists you are Year 1 - Miss Coxon and Mrs McDade are very proud of you! 

Autumn 1 with Mrs Khan


Children this Autumn term have been looking at comparing numbers and objects, one more and one less. They enjoyed using a range of concrete resources to solve a range of fluency questions. 


Children this term have been focusing on the text 'Hansel and Gretel'. They thoroughly enjoyed role-playing the different characters. Children were able to sequence the story and were able to write a fantastic character description of their favourite character! 


Children this Autumn term have been learning all about the body and the different body parts. Year One enjoyed drawing around each others body and were able to independently label the different body parts. 


During this Autumn term Year one's  unit was 'Creation' so children were learning all about how God created the world in 7 days. The children enjoyed role-playing the story and by the end of the unit they were confidently able to share this infront of the class.