Welcome to Year 2! 

In Year 2 we have taken on the role of being a SPAG Superhero!

Each week we will put on our superhero masks and become experts at identifying word types, sentence families, correcting spelling errors and many other SPAG activities. One person will be chosen to be our SPAG superhero of the week and they will be put on display in the classroom and on our Year 2 website. We will also show their work so that everyone can stop SPAG from scaring children!


Previous SPAG Superheroes...
Shuja, Anson, Yori, Cheeku, Arthur, Chebe, Nusyba, Gerard, Mahir, Evana, Ben, Suleman, Angelo, Zainab, Arzoo, Alessia, Faisal, Seb, Hollie & Felix

   Keep up the brilliant work!


Our Visit to Church

Our current RE unit is all about the Church. We were very lucky to get the chance to visit our local Church and even luckier because Mrs Alaimo and Father George were on hand to tell us about all the special artefacts we could see. The children were extremely sensible, reverent and polite and we were proud of them all.

Vocations Week

This week we had lots of visitors telling us about their vocations. A vocation is a special job which you feel God is telling you to do. We heard from training Priests, a Deacon, Sisters and many Parishioners. The children were all very attentive listeners and asked some very thought-provoking questions. 

Minibeast Hunt

 During our Science unit this term we have completed a minibeast hunt investigating micro-habitats. We split up into groups and searched under rocks, in the sky, on trees, under bark and in the soil. We found lots of little critters such as spiders, ant, woodlice, ladybirds and a one-off butterfly! 

Summer Overview - I do like to be beside the seaside!

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 All half term the children have been working hard practising their skills and developing into sporting superstars. Thank you for joining us for our amazing event and cheering on our wonderful children. The final standings this year were .............

St. George's Team with 67 points

St. David's Team with 63 points

St. Andrew's Team with 60 points

St. Patrick's Team with 56 points

Science Week

 Thank you to the marvellous mums who came into class to help us with our Science Week activity. This year science week has been based on journeys. To link with our animals topic we chose to look into the journeys of birds. We have made beautiful bird feeders and all have a checklist to see what birds visit our gardens. The children's designs are wonderful and I particularly like the ones where the children are teaching the birds to read! Great fun had by all :)

World Book Day

This world book day we had to show a creative response to our favourite books. It was wonderful to see the children dressed up and bringing in lots of lovely pictures, innovated stories and descriptions. In class we worked through lots of creative responses to our current English text, Meerkat Mail! In the story, Sunny (an adventurous meerkat) goes searching for a perfect place to stay and visits six of his relatives.

First he visits his Uncle Bob in the Kalahari Desert; as this is a very sandy place we created our own portraits of Sunny using sand! On his second day he meets his cousins Scratch and Mitch who live in termite mounds; everything Sunny eats there is covered in bugs so we made Termite Muffins and you can see how pleased we were to eat them... not! Then he travels to a farm overflowing with eggs which his cousin Edward loves. We designed our own eggcellent eggs and put one of our designs onto a polystyrene egg. After that he makes his way to the rain forest to see Mildred and Frank; for this trip we created and decorated our own rainmakers, sorry if we get any excess rain but they are very fun to shake! The fifth area Sunny visits is Madagascar which is a very dark place; we made shadow puppets of the different characters in the story and put on puppet shows retelling the story. Finally Sunny sees Great Aunt Flo in the marsh which is both wet and dark, two things Sunny doesn't like. To help protect him from the damp, soggy ground we weaved Marvellous Marsh Mats to keep his feet dry. Here are our final results and below are the pictures of us creating our masterpieces. 

The Parable of The Lost Sheep

 In our latest RE lessons we have been learning about this parable and what Jesus was teaching us. In this parable the shepherd (Jesus) goes after one of his hundred sheep (people) who has followed the wrong path and ended up where he shouldn't have. We decided that this parable is important in teaching forgiveness; we know that Jesus and God will always forgive us if we repent our sins. We followed our lesson by writing prayers asking for forgiveness for the things we have done wrong, we then washed our sins away just like Jesus would so that we can start again on the right path. 


 This term we have done a lot of work learning lots of different poetic techniques. Firstly we looked at lots of short, famous poems and worked on reciting them with the intended rhythm. Then we looked at recognising syllables, rhyme and onomatopoeia in Mr Washington's favourite poem, 'Down in the Savannah'. After identifying these features we wrote some of our own poems about animals we would find 'Down in the Forest'. The next type of poems we have learnt about are called Kennings; a Kenning is a pair of words which describes another word. We have described different African animals using kennings and presented them using visual poems in the shape of that animal. We hope you enjoy looking at our poems as much as we enjoyed making them.

Spring Overview - We're going on Safari!


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Samson's Titanic Journey

In English we have started reading Samson's Titanic Journey. It is a story about a daring, adventurous mouse who takes a trip on the Titanic so that he can start a new life in America. Unfortunately Samson finds that his journey isn't quite plain sailing. 

To add some description to our stories we have recreated one of the scenes from the story and written about what we can see, touch, hear and how we would feel.


In our Science lessons we have been doing lots of work learning about materials, their properties and what jobs they are suitable for. In one of our investigation lessons we were trying to find out if we could change the shape of different materials by twisting, stretching, squashing and bending them. 


Our topic this term has been all about famous people from the Potteries. With the wonderful (should be famous) Mrs McNicholas we have learnt about Josiah Wedgwood and have created our own Jasperware pots! We are currently in the process of painting them but were so excited with our work so far we wanted them to be shared! Do you think any of us could be the next Wedgwood, Spode or Cliff?


What a fantastic day! After learning about Josiah Wedgwood's life and harnessing our own skills in class we amazed the staff at the World of Wedgwood Museum with our knowledge and talents. We all loved our trail around the museum seeing Wedgwood's Cauliflower Teapot, Hedgehog Planter and Portland Vase among many other stunning pieces. We were then lucky enough to have a guided tour of the Factory when we saw the kilns which heat up to 1,250 degrees! That's hotter than lava! Also we saw the clay being shaped into bowls, handles and cups. Finally we all designed our own plates; our fabulous assistants turned our designs into slips which were lithographed onto a Wedgwood plate.  

Remembrance Day Liturgy

Year 2 had their first collective worship of the year as we commemorated Remembrance Day. The children chose which Bible passages to read, how to remember the local soldiers who died for us and the poems we would hear. It was a lovely, reverent liturgy and the children were all very respectful. 

KS1 Advent Liturgy 

On 5th December KS1 celebrated the start of Advent with a beautiful liturgy together. We sung one of our favourite hymns 'Awake Awake',  read the Gospel about John the Baptist preparing for the coming of the Lord and we discussed how we can prepare and be ready for Jesus' coming.  We wrote a promise on a footprint and made a path for the Lord to come. We were amazed because at the end of the liturgy, the path actually looked like a footprint. Can you spot this shape too? 

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Autumn Overview - Who are our famous local people?


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