Year 2

Our Class Saint is St. Peter

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Summer 2

The Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul

Y2 joined together with Y3 to celebrate with a liturgy for the feast day of their class saints, St. Peter and St. Paul. The children read beautifully and were reverent throughout. At the end, we discussed what we had learnt about these two amazing saints. Well done everyone!

Skills Builder Day

Our challenge this year was to become entrepreneurs and set up our own new business. Over the course of the day, Year 2 had the opportunity to work on all eight of the essential skills, as we considered how to set up our own business. Year 2 explored the world of entrepreneurship by designing, making and pitching to sell a range of souvenirs to show off the best aspects of our chosen country 'Kenya'.

Hoo Farm KS1 Educational Visit 

On Monday 27th June, Key Stage 1 went to Hoo Zoo and Dinosaur World to find out more about the different habitats of a variety of different animals. The children fed many animals, stroked some of the animals and even got to see 'Specsavers' which is an owl from the Harry Potter films. We had a wonderful day! 

Science Living Things 

We used a map from our orienteering course to hunt for microhabitats. We located them on our maps and then drew and described two of our favourite microhabitats.  

World Religions Week

To end a whole school World Religions focus, Year 2 performed a fabulous assembly.  Many of the children wore traditional, religious or cultural clothing and shared a variety of facts about the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Year 2 spoke about the differences that the religions have, but also about of one of the main similarities, to treat each other with love and respect. They thought about ways they can bring a little sunshine into someone's life and how they can show love. They ended by singing and signing, 'Bring me Sunshine!' ...well it was certainly shining on us on that day (the hottest of the year!). 


TTRS Competition

Year 2 are proud to have achieved 3rd place in the Stoke School Times Tables Rock Star competition. In front of our wonderful Year 2 parents and a deafening applause, Year 2 were presented with the trophy! We also had 4 children in the top 50, who also achieved medals. Two additional children also received a prize for their magnificent effort during the competition. Yet again, amazing work Year 2!

Summer 1

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

 As a school we celebrated the Jubilee by having a whole school dedicated day. We played a typically British game of rounders, Bee Active taught archery. We danced through the decades and completed London themed crafts. We had a picnic on the playground where we ate sandwiches, crisps, strawberries and ended with a delicious scone. 

Platinum Jubilee Biscuits

To celebrate the Queen Year 2  decorated biscuits in the colours of the Union Jack flag. They wrote instructions trying to use the Year 2 writing skills! Why don't you have a go at making them at home too

British Science Week 2022

The theme of this year's BSW was Growth and Year 2 had the specific theme of Plastic Pollution. We completed a range of activities and investigations including finding different types of plastics around our school. Finding ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse plastics. Year 2 learnt about how plastic is made and how micro-plastics have had an impact on the food chain. We looked at the ocean habitats and the impact of plastic pollution. We created a presentation and a poster encouraging people to turn away from plastic and think about God's wonderful creation. 

Computing - multi-media presentations

We have enjoyed researching all about the Great Fire of London. Within Computing lessons, we are now using our skills to record our knowledge using written text, pictures and animation before recoding a voiceover using the microphone.  Here are some examples of what we have produced so far.  We are looking forward to sharing our presentations with our Year 6 reading buddies, as soon as they are complete! 

Outdoor Learning - The Great Fire of London

We are becoming great historians of British History. In Year 1, we focused on The Gunpowder Plot in 1605 and now we've moved onto The Great Fire of London in 1666. In outdoor learning, we discovered some of the science behind bread making and how bread was made in the 17th century. We made peasant bread with partners and a class loaf with a golden upper crust and a slightly black oven bottom! At the end of the day, we enjoyed the class loaf with butter and jam. It was delicious!

Spring 2

Palm Sunday Liturgy

Year 1 and 2 begun the Holy Week liturgies off with Palm Sunday.  We re-enacted the story with a real life donkey. Despite the drizzly weather, KS1 read, acted and sung beautifully to portray this special event. 


 We loved creating stories using Purple Mash. We added text, background story settings, characters and some of us even developed animation, where our characters moved and interacted. 

Design Technology 

As part of our Africa topic, we have designed and made a product (Fruit Salad) using fruits found in Africa. We worked as a group to cut and prepare the fruit before choosing the fruit we would like in our fruit salad. We evaluated our product for taste and appearance. Some of us showed our excellent cutting skills, as we removed the skin/peel and diced the fruit. Do you think they look delicious? We do! 

Dance Extravaganza on World Book Day 

We learnt a dance linked to the text, 'Giraffes can't dance' and performed it in front of the school during our whole school dance extravaganza to celebrate World Book Day! 

World Book Day and World Wildlife Day

We had a very exciting day celebrating both World Book Day and World Wildlife day. We joined a Born Free webinar with author Jay Vincent, who spoke about his new book 'A Shark who barked' which will be released on World Ocean’s Day, the 8th of June 2022. He explained the process of how he creates the book and we were able to ask him questions too!


We had a great webinar with Mr Smith from Digital School House where we were able to progress further in our coding skills using an app called 'Scratch Jr' Mr Smith was most impressed with the progress we made and the skills we applied within the lesson. Well done Year 2! 

Spring 1

Children's Mental Health Week

For Children's Mental Health Week, we focused on growing in kindness, showing kindness to others but also showing kindness to ourselves. Year 2 spent part of the morning with their reading buddies, creating bookmarks together and writing kind messages to each other.  Year 2 focused on some aspects of what kindness means and completed sections of our kindness activities booklet from the British Red Cross. They have bought it home to complete. In the afternoon, Year 2 thought about how they can be kind to themselves and filled a bag full of activities to complete when they need a boost of energy, and to make them feel happy. As a school we had a secret kindness mission, look at how many acts of kindness we completed. Look at how our tree has bloomed! 

NSPCC Number Day

On 4th February, we celebrated NSPCC number day. We created a game of dominoes using different representations of number or shapes, then played it with a friend. As a group, we had to solve 3 tricky challenges. We played TTRS and practiced our 2,5 and 10 times tables. We played a few interactive number games and competed against other teams and finally we ended with a celebration of number assembly. Do you like our number themed outfits? 

St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

On 28th January, it was the feast day of our school saint. We focused on one of the quotes from Saint Thomas Aquinas, 'There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship'. We drew our friends and wrote qualities that our friend has. We then wrote a prayer thanking God for friendship. We created friendship bracelets, write a complimentary comment to our friend and gave it to them. We ended the day with a beautiful Mass to celebrate our school and Saint Thomas Aquinas. 


This term, Year 2 are exploring and developing basic gymnastic actions on the floor and using apparatus.  So far, Year 2 have developed their gymnastics skills of jumping and travelling. Look at our amazing jumps! Can you spot the tuck, star, pencil, straddle and split jumps?

Outdoor learning 

Year 2 are continuing working on map skills. So far, we have drawn maps of the school grounds and added a key. We are working on compass points and learning the directions of North, South, East and West. 

Autumn 2 


Design Technology

Year 2 have loved making their Design and Technology product, a delicious Santa shortbread biscuit, ready to leave out on Christmas Eve. We do hope Santa enjoys it! 


Year 2 have been working on their joining skills to sew and stuff a Christmas owl. We love them, and twit twoo we hope you like them too! 

Collective Worship

 On November 11th, Year 2 spent some time in the pop up remembrance museum, looking at all the different tributes and memorabilia. After visiting the museum and partaking in the 2 minute silence, Year 2 planned and delivered a thoughtful reflective worship. We gathered in the shape of a triangle, listened to 'Remember me' and placed down a red cloth and candle, we listened to the C-Beebies Poppies clip, responded with our own thoughts about how we can bring peace to the world and ended by singing 'Remember me!' and thinking about our actions to spread peace.  


Maths - Addition and Subtraction

We are focusing on ways to add and subtract 1 digit and 2 digit numbers. We used tens and ones to help us with the column addition method. 

Art- our local heroes

We looked at the work of Josiah Wedgewood and designed and made a pot in a similar style.  


Science - Everyday Materials 

In Science, we designed and selected materials to create a boat to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river. We tested our boats and had a competition to see which boat would hold the most marbles. We evaluated our boats on the suitability of the materials chosen. 

Autumn 1 

Collective Worship

On September 8th, we celebrated the Feast of the Blessed Mary. We planned and delivered a beautiful collective worship, where we gave Mary a gift and wrote a prayer thanking God for Mary. We ended by singing Happy Birthday and eating a delicious cake. 

Computing - Coding 

Year 2, have created algorithms using lots of different events, objects and commands. We have turned a frog into a prince, collided aeroplanes, made a rabbit disappear and in our final lesson we created our own designs. We are becoming great coders! 

Gingerbread Men

A huge thank you to Wrights Pies for donating gingerbread men to all our lovely Year 2 pupils, as an end of term treat. Over the term, Year 2 have been focusing on the texts, 'The Gingerbread Man and Ningerbread Man' and learning all about local famous people. Year 2 learnt all about John James Wright and his development of the Wrights Pie company. What a great way to end a busy term! 

Maths - Place Value 

We explored lots of concrete apparatus within our Place Value unit to deepen our learning on numbers to 100. We are becoming amazing mathematicians. 


We are enjoying our music lessons with Mrs Pritchard. So far we  explored using our voice in different ways. We are looking forward to more lessons with her. 

Outdoor Learning 

We enjoyed our outdoor learning session with Mr Nolan and Mr Fox. We used aerial maps to explore the school grounds. We created our own keys of features within the school grounds and plotted them on an aerial map. Then we used a map of the school to explore the school grounds and locate the numbered flags. We can't wait for our next session.