.Welcome to Year 2

Our Class Saint is St. Peter

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Summer Term

Reaseheath Mini Zoo Trip

As part of our Science Curriculum and one of our Fantastic Five texts, we explored the various habitats of the animals found at the zoo. We complete a habitats bingo quiz, looking closely at the natural habitats of each animal species. 

Superstars KS1

World Faiths Week - Introduction to Islam

Crowning of Mary KS1 Liturgy

Building the Kingdom - Pentecost 

Skills Builder Challenge Day - Level up! 

On Friday 21st April,  we had our annual whole school Skills Builder challenge day. The children had the opportunity to develop in all eight essential skills and worked in small groups to create a computer game that celebrated our school community. The children impressed their teachers with their speaking, listening, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, aiming high and staying positive skills. 

Science - Plants 

Lesson 1 of our new topic we spend some time recapping our learning from Year 1 by matching plant pictures to their names. We then discussed the difference between bulbs and seeds and went on an orienteering course linked to this. 

Spring Term

Mardi Gras

On Friday 17th February, we celebrated Mardi Gras. We learnt what this celebration was and designed masks in a Mardi Gras style. We ended with a beautiful collective worship sharing our pray, fast, give promises.  

Digit Day

We celebrated NSPCC Digit Day by completing mathematical challenges, by joining in NSPCC times table rock star competition and by completing a mathematical orienteering course with our parents. 

St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

We celebrated St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day by focusing on a quote from St Thomas Aquinas ' There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.' The children looked at what makes a good friend. They chose a friend and wrote qualities of that friend and a special prayer thanking God for them. The children made friendship bracelets sharing this important quote with their friends.

Science - Animals Including Humans 

In Science we used our super science skills and looked at how we can answer questions by collecting data. We created our own enquiry questions such as, Does the tallest child have the biggest handspan? Does the youngest child have the smallest handspan? We then collected data and used this data to make comparisons and tried to seek a pattern. 

World Religion Assembly 

On 15th January it was World Religion Day. In honour of this,  we celebrated the diversity of our school community through a joyous assembly about the four most practiced religions around the world. We are so proud of the children, for each playing an important role with great enthusiasm and confidence. Well done Year 2! 

Autumn Term

The Nutcracker

As part of one of our fantastic 5 texts, we created felt puppets and split pin puppets based on our text 'The Nutcracker'. We even watched the ballet whilst making our crafts, inspiring many of our wonderful dancers! 

The True meaning of Santa 'St Nicholas'

We learnt all about the true story of Santa which begins with St Nicholas. We listened to the story of St Nicholas and learnt where he came from and that he is the patron saint of children. We created Santa hand puppets and  baked and decorated shortbread ready to leave out on Christmas Eve for St Nicholas also known as Santa Claus. We may have tried one ourselves too. We think Santa will be impressed. 

Art and Design Technology

This term we have been working on on sewing skills to create a finger puppet, food technology to create Santa's shortbread,  computer technology  to create a mood calendar and we used water colours in a similar style as an artist for our Christmas cards. 

Gladstone Educational Visit

We became historians, artists and designers on our trip to Gladstone Pottery. We learnt all about the pottery industry and how Stoke-on-Trent developed. We explored Gladstone Pottery Museum and discovered the job role we would have done many years ago as children. We listened to a talk about the local designer Clarice Cliff and her famous designs. We then had a go at being designers ourselves. 


Linked to our English text, we have been using our computing skills to write the story of Samson's journey on the Titanic. We have been learning how to insert pages, type text and how to draw or insert animations. Great work year 2

KS1 Remembrance and Saint Liturgy

Key Stage 1 shared a beautiful thought-provoking liturgy based around Saints and Remembrance. We thought about the people who lived their lives following Jesus and serving others. We thought about the words of Pope Benedict when he said 'What kind of person would you like to be?'. We ended our liturgy by respectfully laying down a poppy and thinking about those who are no longer with us and those who died in conflict. We sung about how, through our thoughts, words and actions we can help to bring peace to the world. Well done Key Stage 1 and thank you Father George for sharing the liturgy with us! 


We ended the term with a wonderful assembly about Noah's Ark. We acted, sung and re-told the story superbly. We spoke about God's promise and shared our own promises about how we will take care of God's creation. Mrs Hellawell is very proud! 


 In our R.E. lessons were learnt all about the rosary and how we use beads to help us to pray. We made our own mini rosary beads to help us to pray the rosary at home. We also looked at the different mysteries and worked as a team to sort the pictures into the correct mystery category. 

Science and Fantastic Five Texts

As part of the Fantastic Five texts for this term, we have been reading The Gingerbread Man and The Ninjabread Man. In Science, we had to find the most suitable materials to make a boat that could take the Gingerbread or Ninjabread Man across the river. We tested the suitability of the materials and discovered that although some materials floated, they didn't last long in the water. Some groups tried to create a waterproof layer around their boat base using bubble wrap and discovered that the pockets of air helped their boat to float too. Great super science skills once again Year 2.

Art - Wedgewood

We have been learning about a significant individual from our local area called Josiah Wedgewood. After studying Wedgewood's designs, we have been busy sculpting pots in a similar style. We are looking forward to seeing the finished products.  Great work Year 2! 

Science - World Space Week

To celebrate World Space Week, we designed and made a capsule to protect their eggonaut from breaking upon impact. We tried our best to work together as a team, to find the most suitable materials and we reasoned why we thought they would be most suitable for the purpose! We used many Year 2 super scientist skills!  

KS1 Liturgy 

 Key Stage 1 shared a wonderful liturgy together based around the theme of new beginnings. KS1 spoke about the Old testament stories of Creation and Noah's Ark and how God is always with us at the start of each new beginning.  KS1 thought about and shared ways they can care for God's creation and they made promises to make the world a better place. KS1 wowed Father George with their spirituality and also with their fantanstic singing and actions. Thank you Father George for sharing the liturgy with us and a special thank you for our treats!  


We have begun our coding journey in Year 2, by programming aeroplanes to move and by turning a frog into a prince, and a princess into a chimp! We are becoming more confident and creating algorithms. 


We have been enjoying our music lessons, where we have been creating our own soundscapes based on sounds from 'The Rainforest'. 

Collective Worship 

On Thursday 8th September, Key Stage 1 celebrated the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We gathered together and listened to the Gospel of The Annunciation read by one of our Year 2 pupils. We wrote thank you prayers or said 'Thank you to God!'. We went forth by creating Mary statues to create our own dedication and prayer area at home.