Welcome to Year 3

Autumn Term

Stone Age Workshop

As part of our exciting topic, ‘Stone & Bones'’, Year 3 took part in a ,fantastic workshop day led by one of our Stone Age ancestors! During this visit, the Palaeolithic Stone Age man arrived, wearing  garments made from red deer skin, and carrying his spears as he did alongside his fellow hunter-gatherers around 10000 BC!

During the workshop the children learnt,  how to aim a spear and get a hands-on experience of ancient technology and skills from the Paleolithic period of the Stone Age right through to the Iron Age. We all had a fabulous day and gained lots of knowledge and experience from the workshop.

Collective Worship

St. George's team planned, led and delivered a fabulous Collective Worship dedicated to Our Lady. 

In RE we have been learning about Baptism. We have been learning about the important symbols and signs used in a Baptism and about the Rite of Baptism. 


As part of our text 'The Stone age Boy' we roleplayed a possible conversation between the two main characters as if they could understand each other. 


We have been ordering and comparing 3 digit numbers.

Collective Worship

We planned and delivered our first collective worship about the Call of the disciples we also discussed how we are disciples of Christ.


We are thoroughly enjoying learning new skills and techniques in hockey.

Class Assembly

We delivered an assembly about the importance of belonging to different groups, the most important belonging to the family of God.


In Maths, we have been learning about the place value of three digit numbers. today we have been representing numbers up to 1000 using base ten equipment and linking it to the part-whole model.