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Autumn Term 


To assist with working towards active 60 minutes each day, the Youth Sport Trust will be running a live broadcast on their Youtube channel of their after-school sports club. This will take place at 5pm on weekdays from 16th November until the 18th December, for children to take part in at home. Please see further details on the link below;


We are learning and perfecting our jumps in PE. Can you name the different jumps we are doing?

Collective Worship

We gathered together to say our own special prayers for the deceased and took part in a two minutes silence. We each made an individual poppy and wrote the name of someone who has died on the back, which we place in the basket during our Collective Worship

Ukulele lessons

We have been learning how to play the ukulele. It is so much fun! It can be quite tricky at times and it takes a lot of concentration but it makes such a lovely sound (when we are all in tune with each other!). Hopefully, after some more practice, we will be able to play a recognisable tune!


We have been taking part in Street Dance in our PE lessons! We have really impressed our teachers with the  effort we put in and they were  amazed by the dancing talent we have in our class! 


In RE we have been learning about Baptism. We have been learning about the important symbols and signs used in a Baptism and about the Rite of Baptism. We role played the Rite of Baptism.


We have been undertaking lots of reading and writing activities based around the story Sand Wizards by Jon Blake, exploring themes of friendship and feelings in a story with a familiar setting. These photos show us acting out the scene when Cole & Evan first met.


We are enjoying our Music lessons with Mrs Pritchard.

Collective Worship

Our Year 3 have planned and led their own collective worship this week. The theme was New Beginnings. We discussed about how every lesson is really a ‘new beginning,’ a new chance to learn and an opportunity to grow our brains. For our Go Forth we said that we would remember the following sentence “ I am one of God’s greatest creations’.