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Summer Term 

Class Mass

How lucky were we today to have Father George join us in school today to celebrate the first Mass in school after such a long time?  It was made even more special that we got to share in the Mass outside on our playground. During the Mass we prayed for all staff, pupils and our wider school community, we prayed especially for the pupils in Year 3 who will make their First Holy Communion in a few weeks’ time. The children read, responded and sang beautifully while showing reverence throughout the Mass. Thank you so much Father George for coming to celebrate this beautiful Mass with us.


Oh my goodness, you will never believe what happened at school today? Aliens, YES ALIENS crash landed on our school grounds, what a mess their spaceship left! However the 'mess' gave us clues to help us with the different activities we had to complete throughout the day.  In total, we completed eight activities where we had lots of fun applying the eight essential skills. This included decoding a letter from the aliens, to designing gadgets to help them, to even designing a food hamper for the aliens. We had a wonderful day, applying our skills and we all received certificates in the skills we excelled in!


Collective Worship

We ended our half term with a beautiful Collective Worship celebrating  'Mary, our Mother' We talked about how she was a special lady who was chosen by God to become the Mother of Jesus and thought about reasons as to why Mary was the ‘chosen one’. We also participated in a period of open prayer where the thanked God for our own mothers. For our 'Go Forth' we all took a prayer card home.

Sowing the Seeds

We thoroughly enjoyed being 'great gardeners' planting seeds in our school grounds today.

Day Retreat to Alton Castle

After receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the children in Year 3 attended a retreat day to Alton Castle. It was a wonderful, fun-filled day with numerous opportunities to reflect upon their journey of faith so far and to prepare for the next step…receiving the Body of Christ on our First Holy Communion day.

Collective Worship

Today we celebrated the feast of Pentecost, we read a passage from the Bible about the story of Pentecost. The children were asked to respond by making a sign of the cross and thinking about what it would have been like for the first disciples. Finally the children placed the prayers they had written on the prayer space and we offered these up to the Holy Spirit.

Greek Art

We have been sketching Greek temples, we did this by planning a drawing using quick line and shape drawings and lightly sketching these. Then we added light/dark tones and features using different pencil techniques.


Year 3 have been investigating the strength of magnets in Science this week.

Collective Worship

The theme of our Collective Worship was 'Reconciliation'. We listened to the Parable of the Prodigal Son, took part in open prayer and listened to a prayer called Forgiven.

Performance Poetry

                        We have been exploring a poem through performance called                                 'Water Cycle' by Andrew Fusek Peters.


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed Science this week, we discussed the invisible force, friction, and learnt that this force occurs between two surfaces that slide against each other. We then explored how different surfaces affect the amount of friction created. All of the children firstly wrote up how they were going to make the test fair (e.g. starting the car at the same point on the ramp and using a tape measure to record the distance) and predicted which surface would make the toy car travel the furthest.  The children took it turns to release the car on on a ramp covered with different surfaces and measured how far the car travelled – we really enjoyed applying our measuring skills! Well done Year 3 scientists!

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Congratulations to the pupils in Year 3, who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time in our parish church on 18th May . The children received the sacrament with reverence and respect.
Please keep them all in your prayers as they continue their journey in preparing for their First Holy Communion

Outdoor Learning Week 6

For our final week of outdoor learning we made bread using active bacteria (Poolash) enriched with honey and cooked over open fire with our own jam as an accompaniment. We discussed and followed all food hygiene and the processes needed.

We have thoroughly enjoyed all our Outdoor Learning sessions. A massive thank you to Mr. Fox & Mr. Nolan for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.


We have been looking at kennings today and we completed a short performance about a kenning called 'The River'.


back in March we took part in the 'Stoke Year 3 Top of the Rocks Competition. We are really proud that our class came 4th in the city and these two 'Timetable Rockstars' were awarded special prizes for their high scores. Well done to everyone!

CAFOD Assembly

We joined in CAFOD's Virtual Assembly 'Eyes of the World' climate change. The climate is in crisis and it affects us all, we learnt about Britain hosting leaders for the United Nation’s climate change talks – COP26.  We know that it is  vital that we raise our voices and ensure the Government uses this historic moment to build a more sustainable world.


May the Force be with you!

Today we have been investigating forces. We thought of different activities that involve a push or a pull and we did some freeze frames of these and our classmates had to guess what they were. We also looked at some toys to see if they need a push of a pull for them to work.

Easter Collective Worship

We celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus with a beautiful Collective Worship. We read the 'The Road to Emmaus' from the bible, took part in open prayer and watched a PowerPoint.

Outdoor Learning Week 5

Today in Outdoor Learning we made tasty blackcurrant jam.

Spring Term

Easter Cards

Today we made our Easter cards. We wish you all a happy and holy Easter.

The Last Supper

Year 3 acted out the Last Supper as part of our Holy Week Liturgies.


As part of our 'Shake, Rattle & Roll topic we have been designing and building our own volcanoes. We used a plastic bottle, papier-mâché and paint to build the shape and decorate them so they look realistic. Once they were dry, we took them outside to make them erupt! We absolutely loved this!


We had a fabulous afternoon completing our Superstars Competition. I wonder what team will be the overall winner?

Outdoor Learning Week 4

Mr. Fox and Mr. Nolan taught us about the importance  and safety aspects of fire  fire building outdoors. We then gathered wood to make a fire and made 'smores' - they were delicious!

Quiz, Quiz, Trade!

To consolidate our learning from our Escape to Pompeii work we took part  in 'Quiz, Quiz, Trade', where we asked  and answered some super questions.

National Day of Reflection

To mark the National Day of Reflection, we each made a daffodil. As part of our whole school 'Rainbow of Reflection' we thought about how we can give thanks for what we had learned during the pandemic.


In dodgeball we have enjoyed playing fun games that help us improve our skills while also having lots of fun. We have learnt lots of tactics that will help us dodge like jumping, and moving left or right and how teamwork really helps when you need it.

Outdoor Learning  Week 3

We looked fossils and how they are formed and linked this to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii.  We also made our very own fossils - how exciting!

Collective Worship

Thank you to our classmates who planned, discussed and organised a beautiful Collective Worship on Lent.

100 Challenge

The whole school took part in the '100 Challenge'. We raised £252.40 for the NHS, in memory of Sir Captain Tom Moore. 

Science Day

The whole school celebrated the annual British Science event, we were challenged to say a big thank you to the NHS by creating an innovation that linked to our Science learning (animals including humans). We looked at the role of a radiographer and a physiotherapist and they set us the task of designing a prosthetic hand. Please look at our photo to see our fabulous creations.

Performance Poetry

Please take a look at the performance poetry we have been doing in our English lessons as part of our Escape to Pompeii work.

Outdoor Learning 2

Question - Can we identify if rocks are sedimentary, metaphoric or igneous?

Answer - Of course we can!


We have been practising our Superstar skills in our PE lessons.

Outdoor Learning Week 1

What a fabulous way to start our learning when we returned to school after lockdown. We started our Outdoor Learning sessions on Rocks and Soils by digging and investigating soil. We had a fabulous day and can't wait for our next session.


We have used the different apparatus to perfect our climbing skills today.

Autumn Term 


To assist with working towards active 60 minutes each day, the Youth Sport Trust will be running a live broadcast on their Youtube channel of their after-school sports club. This will take place at 5pm on weekdays from 16th November until the 18th December, for children to take part in at home. Please see further details on the link below;


We are learning and perfecting our jumps in PE. Can you name the different jumps we are doing?

Collective Worship

We gathered together to say our own special prayers for the deceased and took part in a two minutes silence. We each made an individual poppy and wrote the name of someone who has died on the back, which we place in the basket during our Collective Worship

Ukulele lessons

We have been learning how to play the ukulele. It is so much fun! It can be quite tricky at times and it takes a lot of concentration but it makes such a lovely sound (when we are all in tune with each other!). Hopefully, after some more practice, we will be able to play a recognisable tune!

Collective Worship

 Our focus for our Collective Worship was on the mysteries of the Rosary.


We have been taking part in Street Dance in our PE lessons! We have really impressed our teachers with the  effort we put in and they were  amazed by the dancing talent we have in our class! 


In RE we have been learning about Baptism. We have been learning about the important symbols and signs used in a Baptism and about the Rite of Baptism. We role played the Rite of Baptism.


We have been undertaking lots of reading and writing activities based around the story Sand Wizards by Jon Blake, exploring themes of friendship and feelings in a story with a familiar setting. These photos show us acting out the scene when Cole & Evan first met.


We are enjoying our Music lessons with Mrs Pritchard.

Collective Worship

Our Year 3 have planned and led their own collective worship this week. The theme was New Beginnings. We discussed about how every lesson is really a ‘new beginning,’ a new chance to learn and an opportunity to grow our brains. For our Go Forth we said that we would remember the following sentence “ I am one of God’s greatest creations’.