Welcome to Year 3


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Autumn Term


In RE we have been learning about Baptism. We have been learning about the important symbols and signs used in a Baptism and about the Rite of Baptism. We role played the Rite of Baptism.


We are really enjoying our Music lessons with Mrs Pritchard.


As part of our spellings we do TEAM TEACH, where we organise the words and  test each other on the spellings we are learning.


Look at our fabulous Maths skills, we have been using different representations and concrete apparatus to show 3-digit numbers. We then explored 100, 10, and 1 more of less than that number.

Outdoor Learning

We really enjoyed our first Outdoor Learning session of the year, where we have been developing our map skills.  By the end of the session Mrs Fox & Mr Nolan were amazed with our fantastic progress, we even added a key to the map of the local area. 

Street Dance

We were taught in individual steps and step sequences  before putting them together to create a lively dance routine.  I think we can confidently say that Year 3 have got some moves- watch this space!

Collective Worship

Our first Collective Worship was all about New Beginnings. We discussed our Class Rules and prayed to Saint Paul who is our class saint. We discussed how every lesson is really a ‘new beginning,’ a new chance to learn and an opportunity to continue our journey in following in the footsteps of Jesus . For our Go Forth we said that we would remember the following sentence “ I am one of God’s greatest creations’.


We have being leaning some basic hockey skills, such as pushing the ball up and down the line and push passes in pairs.

Celebrating a very special birthday.

On 8th September it is Our Blessed Mother Mary's birthday, we celebrated this joyous occasion throughout the school. In Year 3 we researched and made posters of great women of the past and present. we then prepared a presentation and delivered it to the whole class. We ended the day by singing Happy birthday to Mary and enjoying a birthday cupcake.