Welcome to Year 4 :) 

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We have all settled in to Year 4 wonderfully and have already completed some amazing pieces of work. Here are some of our Autumn highlights so far...


Our first unit in Year 4 has been all about Creation. We have enjoyed our lesson with Mrs Alaimo and Mr Washington. Our new, favourite stories from the Bible are about Abram and Sarai and Jacob and Joseph. 

Thank you to those of you who came to our assembly which was all about the learning we covered in that unit. 


Our first topic in Year 4 is all about the Romans. We first identified why the Roman Empire wanted and needed to spread. After understanding why we used our atlases to plot the growth of the Roman Empire. 


In Science we have been learning about sound. We have learnt all about how vibrations are made and how these travel through a medium into our ears. We have completed lots of investigations and demonstrations learning about pitch, volume and change over distance. 


To link with our Roman topic our first Art piece of the year has been to print our own Roman Mosaics. The Romans used to create mosaics depicting either nature or war. We have designed our own mosaics in this same style. 

Dewa Roman Expedition

What a day!

Year 4 travelled back almost 2,000 years to AD 79 when the Romans invaded Dewa (Chester). We became the XXth Legion of the Roman Army and began our march around the local landmarks. Armed with shields we marched through the Roman Gardens and learned how to follow Roman (Latin) instructions. Creating a 'testudo' formation we were able to withstand a barrage of attacks from two local Barbarians. We continued our march towards the Amphitheatre where the Barbarians turned on each other and we go to see a gladiator battle up close and personal. Unfortunately Miss Gallagher ended up losing her head! Chanting, "Sin, Sin, Sin, Dex, Sin" we marched back to the museum terrifying the 21st Century population. 

After lunch, we continued our journey through time exploring all the different infrastructure the Romans helped create in Britain. Boarding a Roman warship we set sail for Celtic Britain, the year AD 43. The Romans were a rather lazy bunch and decided that if they wanted to go somewhere they were going to travel in a straight line, hence, the first Roman legacy was roads. Travelling along a Roman road we arrived at the next legacy left by the Roman, thermae (spas, baths, toilets etc.). Here we learned about the gruesome methods the Romans had for using the toilet, many are far too disgusting to grace the pages of our website! However, I'm sure the children will be happy to tell you. Next was the Valetudinarian, or hospital for those of us who don't speak Latin, to learn about the techniques Romans used. Finally we explored underground finding lots of foundations for Roman walls and buildings. 

The children were an absolute dream all day and represented the school exceptionally. 

Our very own Roman Legion.

A battle to the death!

Our Latin chant. Can you work out what it means?

Ruthless Barbarians try to break our Testudo!

The unfortunate end of Miss Gallagher.

Mr Washington, the day's packhorse, couldn't miss out on the fun!


Welcome to the new decade! Here is everything that Year 4 have been doing in the first term of 2020.