Welcome to Year 4 2021-2022. Let's make this year rock!

Whole Year Information

Long Term Plan

Year 4 Expectations


Our first unit in Year 4 was a wonderful poetry unit! We learnt about figurative language. We wrote our own ideas for coming to school and turned them into wonderful poems. 


 In PE this half term, Y4 have mastered their Ultimate Frisbee techniques. By the end of the unit we were able to have an efficiency competition which was won by... St. Andrew's team.


To start our magnificent year of Maths, Y4 have learnt about the place value of 4-digit numbers. We have compared, ordered, represented and identified so many numbers! Here are some of our amazing pieces of work. 


Year 4 have been continuing to practise their ukulele's this year and are thoroughly enjoying their ambitious target of playing a full song. 

Take 10

 On the 8th of October we took part in taking 10 at 10 to discover the joys and positives of reading. Just ten minutes of reading per day can help our mental wellbeing and expose us to a world of wonders. 


Our excellent electricity unit has involved us creating circuits and testing different items to find out if they are insulators or conductors. 


In class, our first unit looked at the Creation story and how we are made in the image and likeness of God. We then learnt about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. To conclude our second unit, learning about the Rosary, we held a Collective Worship. All children were reverent and prophetic, making beautiful reflections after the worship. 


This half term, we have started our journey into the world of Year 4 coding. If we wat to carry on our journey at home, we can access https://scratch.mit.edu/ to practise our coding more.