Year 6

Yearly Overview 2019/20

Autumn Overview - The Victorians

Spring Overview - Brazil and the Rainforest

Summer Overview - The Anglo Saxons and the Vikings - coming in Summer


Our Roles and Responsibilities

At St Thomas Aquinas we choose our representatives in a democratic manner, with all children having a vote. Following these votes our leaders are listed below:


Head Girl: Tara

Head Boy: Ellis

Deputy Head Girl: Anna

Deputy Head Boy:Jacob


Principal PAL (Prayer and Liturgy Support): Hana

PALs Team: Macy,Maria, Maya and Mischa 


Principal Prefect: Samantha 

Prefects: William, Jacob, Aleena, Shuman, Jia Hao.


St. George's House Captain: Muna

Vice Captain: Denmar


St. Patrick's House Captain: Jeba

Vice Captain: Robynn


St. Andrew's House Captain: James

Vice Captain: Haaris


St. David's House Captain: Kaelynn

Vice Captain: Emilia


Science Ambassadors - 

Travel Ambassadors - Hana and Jacob

Eco Warriors - Stanley and Haaris

On Thursday, Y6 welcomed Ms Rogers and representatives from St John Fisher Catholic College for an assembly. She read the Parable of The Sower, she talked about how Christ the King Catholic Collegiate tries to help all pupils achieve their dreams. Some former pupils came along to share their dreams and aspirations.

Last year Y6 studied the World Wars, this week they were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Grey. Mr Grey was born in 1936 and so lived through the Second World War. He was able to give his first hand experience of what it was like in Stoke during the war. He shared his memories, newspaper articles, photographs and lots of interesting artefacts. It was amazing to listen to someone who had actually been there. 


As part of Space Week Y6 created their own investigation question about Rocket Mice. This involved some groups investigating and measuring time, distance , height and weight. They had to control variables and work as a team to plan, do and review ensuring that the investigation was a fair test. They also had lots of fun carrying out their investigations.

As part of our topic on the Victorians Y6 visited the Victorian town, Blists Hill, We had a wonderful day exploring the living museum and we visited lots of Victorian shops including: a grocers, a butchers,candle makers, pharmacist, dentist and a bank. 

In the afternoon we got dressed up in Victorian costumes and went into the school room. We chanted times tables, practised writing on slate and we did drills in the rain. We had a very productive day and it really brought the Victorian era to life for us.

As part of the Local Democracy event representatives of Y6 visited the school at the Civic Centre. It was very interesting and during the visit they had the opportunity to take part in a debate discussing what would make travelling to school better. They then took part in a vote using ballot papers and boxes. The winning idea was to have posters around the local area illustrating different points of how to travel to school without using a car and also how and where to park safely. 

The children visited the parlour of the Lady Mayoress where they were allowed to sit in her chair. They then visited chambers and took part in another debate about travelling to school. The children had a really informative morning.

Y6 were given the opportunity to go to Hanley Potteries Museum to take part in the Cast of Thousands. They visited the Ceramics Biennial Exhibition and looked at the flatbacks (figurines of famous people) from as early as 1837 right up to 2019. They then designed their own hero or villain and then sculpted it from clay.

As part of our Victorian Topic we have been looking at the work of William Morris. We made tiles and used printing techniques to develop our repeating patterns in the style of William Morris.

On Friday 8th November Y6's assembly was about Remembrance. We remembered all those killed in the Great War and any wars since - all those who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom.

Y6 attended the Growing Cultures day at Hanley Potteries Museum where they took part in various workshops.

In the first workshop they designed and made clay microbes/micro-organisms. They then had the opportunity to look at some real microbes/micro-organisms through the electron microscope. 

In the second workshop they explored the Local History Exhibition to see how germs spread in Victorian Stoke on Trent.

Finally they went to the ceramics gallery and learnt about how Stoke on Trent played an important part in the production of penicillin.

They had a fabulous day and museum staff and visitors commented on their excellent behaviour and manners.

Well done Year 6!

Year 6 recently took part in the Ryman's Primary School Enterprise Challenge, where they learnt about key employability skills. Throughout the day they worked in teams to design and create a new mascot and marketing campaign which they then presented to the dragons (Mrs Bekalo and Mrs Moorhouse). Two teams were selected to go through to the final where they will be up against other schools for the chance of their products actually being made and sold in Ryman. Event staff commented on the enthusiasm and commitment that all pupils demonstrated throughout the day.

Year 6 went to Gladstone Pottery Museum as part of their Victorian topic. We learnt about what it was like to work in the pottery industry during the Victorian era in Stoke on Trent - we even found out what a saggar makers bottom knocker did. We found out that bone china actually contains real bone! (animal bone) and we saw someone throwing a pot. After touring the working museum and actually going inside a bottle kiln we then had chance to make our own clay pots and flowers. It was a great experience!

Well done to Y6, who took the lead in our carol service - reminding us all about the true meaning of Christmas

Y6 all created a decoration using the initials of their names and the technique of decoupage. The end results were very impressive. Well done to all.

Some of our Y6 pupils have recently completed the police cadets training run by our local PCSOs. They learnt about community values and police ethics. Some of the topics covered were: communication - including using the  phonetic alphabet, anti social behaviour, air wave radios, bullying, staying safe, forensic awareness, knife crime, dangerous relationships, theft and crime prevention. They all really enjoyed the training and gained a lot from it. Thank you to our local PCSOs and well done to Y6!

One of our local GP's came in to talk to Y6 about the dangers of smoking, as Stoke on Trent has one of the highest incidences of smoking related illnesses in the country.  She was very impressed with the children's knowledge and understanding. She also commented on their enthusiasm and their exemplary behaviour. Well done Y6!

Y6 recently took part in the Safe and Sound event at Longton Fire Station. They had the opportunity to learn more about Fire and Water safety and how Anti-Social Behaviour(ASB) can affect others. They also learnt more about the effects that alcohol and cigarettes can have on the body. Another of the workshops discussed healthy and unhealthy relationships. It was a very informative morning that was enjoyed by all. As always Y6's behaviour was a credit to them.

Y6 had the opportunity to take part in the Future Journalists Project which was run in conjunction with Staffordshire University. They were lucky enough to meet two journalists who had studied at the university and they were able to interview them about their training and what their job entails. Y6 were then invited to submit a journalistic piece of work either written or using a different sort of media. Well done to all who took part!

Mr Phil Mayland a representative from CAFOD came to visit St Thomas Aquinas and he ran a workshop with Y6. They learnt more about the work of CAFOD and how they, as individuals, could help. They were also able to ask him about his role and the work that he did within the charity.

Some of our Y6 pupils, who practise the Muslim faith, taught us more about the Islamic beliefs and traditions.