Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 2020 to 2021.  

Summer Term 

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Spring Term

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In the last week of term we took part in the annual Superstars event! Although it looks a bit different this year as we are competing in classes and Mr. Washington is combining the scores we still had an excellent afternoon completing half the activities and trying to keep our point scores low, currently St Patrick's and St Andrew's are joint first but there is still all to play for as we have three events remaining for the first week back! 

Easter Cards

.We hope you all liked the Easter cards we created in class, can you spot yours in the gallery?

Collective Worship

To celebrate the season of Lent Year 6 held a collective worship. This was led beautifully by the St. David's team and focussed on the Beatitudes. Thank you St. David's for allowing us all the time to reflect and say thanks. 

Coronavirus Day of Reflection

To mark a year since we first went in to lockdown, the whole school took time out of our busy day to reflect. Everyone created a daffodil as a symbol of hope for the future to take home and we all contributed to a whole school rainbow of reflection display. Year 6 filled violet stars with prayers of thanksgiving for something we are proud of.

Science Day

 On Wednesday 17th March we enjoyed a day of Science to celebrate British Science week! Focussing on the Animals Including Humans unit we completed during home learning we investigated the circulatory system. We tried to make heart valves but some of them burst, we drew huge diagrams of hearts, we investigated how nutrients are transported with skittles, we made a pulsilogium (A 17th century invention to measure pulse) and finally we made blood! 

100 Challenge

To raise money for the NHS and to celebrate the life of Captain Tom Moore we completed a 100 challenge. Each house team decided what their 100 challenge would be and worked as a team to make it to 100. We then all joined together for 100 stretches to cool down (although we did get a little dizzy!) 

Census Day

On Thursday 18th March we took part in a Let's Count census lesson learning all about Population and then we considered how population effects the local environment. We counted all the litter we could see in the school grounds and then we counted all the litter between the school door and our homes. The numbers were alarmingly and surprisingly high but we are going to see if we can have a positive Eco impact and get the numbers down! Watch this space. 

Mothers Day

We hope you all liked the Mothers day cards we created in class, can you spot yours in the gallery?

Stoke City Football club Zooms.

During the last lockdown while we were home learning we were joined by Stoke City Football Club to talk about the World of work - thank you Stoke City! 

Autumn Term

Autumn Topic Web


 Roles and Responsibilities.

 In the Autumn term we thought about what roles we wanted in Year 6 and we wrote and filmed speeches for staff and students to vote for. Here are the results!

Outdoor Learning

On a Monday afternoon we have been going out onto the field and into Hartshill park for outdoor learning. 

In week 1 we went pond dipping and studied water based habitats. This links to our science topic of Living thing and their habitats. 

In week 2 we continued the science theme and investigated the woodland habitats. We went searching for all creatures great and mostly small!

In week 3 we made fire! We linked this to our Topic lessons by thinking about soldiers in the world wars and how they may have made fires but stayed undetected to the enemy.

In week 4 we mixed topic and science and we made bread. We talked about how bread is made and we even got to taste it... we don't think the soldiers would like it very much as it is not like the bread we are used to. 

In week 5 it was a little on the rainy side but we still had lots of fun refining our fire making skills. We heated and tasted some army ration packs, comparing the modern day equipment to what soldiers in the trenches would have had. Although we liked tasting them, we imagine the soldiers might get pretty bored with the same meals on repeat. This has really helped our topic learning as we can empathise with the hungry homesick soldiers. 

In week 6 we focussed on Science and plant classification. With the help of an information booklet and our very knowledgeable guides Mr. Fox and Mr. Nolan we were able to identify plants in the park and find their scientific names, any folklore and stories about them. We then were able to classify them as medicinal, edible, poisonous or mechanical. We have loved our outdoor learning sessions this half term. Thank you Mr. Fox and Mr. Nolan and thank you parents for washing our very muddy clothes.

Safe and Sound.

This term we have been joining in with the live lessons from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue to learn all about how to stay safe. We have learnt about stranger danger, firework safety, CPR and defibrillators and even how to safely whittle a wooden mouse! 
In the second live lesson we learnt about how to Be Bright - Be Seen, who a safer stranger is, how to cook a pizza pockets and road safety near large vehicles when using our bikes. 
In the third live lesson we learnt all about fire safety on Halloween, the fireworks code, bonfire safety, making decisions about drugs and road safety around large vehicles and their blind spots. 



In P.E. this half term with Bee Active we have learnt all about badminton. We have learnt about short serves, long serves, backhand and forehand shots. This culminated in an inter-house competition played in doubles.

Collective worship.

On the last day of half term Year 6 held a collective worship. This was led beautifully by the St. George's team and focussed on the mysteries of the Rosary. Thank you St. George's for allowing us all the time to reflect, celebrate and say thanks for our first half term in Year 6.