Year 6


Welcome to our class page - have a look and see what we have been up to.

Long Term Plan                                                                           End of Year expectations. 

Autumn Term 1

One of the first tasks we completed this year was to create a speech to apply for a role or responsibility. We then delivered our speeches to the whole school and a vote was held. Meet the team below:

Head Girl: Tessa

Head Boy: Kyan

Deputy Head Girl: Connie

Deputy Head Boy: Danny

Principal PALS: Johan

PALS's: Cireinna, Mikaela, Hanna, Emily and Izza 

Principal Prefect: Dawud

Prefects: James, Gabriela, Alan, Georgia, Rowan

St. Andrew's Captain: Evie 

St Andrew's Vice-Captain: James

St David's Captain: Ibrahim

St David's Vice-Captain: Aysha

St George' Captain: Eva

St George's Vice-Captain: Rayan

St Patrick's Captain: Chinmay

St Patrick's Vice-Captain: Cara 


 In English this term we have been focusing on Poetry! We started with Roger McGough's Rabbit in a Mixer and explored that in depth. During remote learning we also looked at different types of rhyming poems, list poems, free verse poems and word play poems. When we came back to school we created our own sea creature poetry. 

See some of the extracts of our poetry below:



In Maths this term we have been focusing on Number - first with a unit about Place Value, and then with a unit on the Four Operation. We have also been practicing our Arithmetic skills and honing our Times Table skills with the Stoke Rocks out competition and I am pleased to report we came 6th in the city - a great improvement on last year!

Here are our top 3 most valuable players:


 [Poetry quotes]

[Photo from TTRock]



Our first Science unit was Living things and their habitats - we have learnt all about how animals are classified into broad groups such as mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, crustaceans, fish, insects, molluscs, echinoderms and more! We learnt all about Carl Linnaeus and his binomial nomenclature how micro-organisms are both helpful and harmful. We were also lucky enough to have an outdoor learning session where we identified plants and researched whether they were poisonous, medicinal, mechanical or edible. 

See some photos below.

Religious Education

Our first R.E. unit of the year was all about The Story of the People of God. We looked at the structure of the Bible and the genres found within it. We created an illustrated timeline of the Old Testament and focused in on Moses and his special relationship with God. We thought about the Ten Commandments and explained their significance to Christians today. We also wrote riddles to describe the characters.

Can you work out who these people are from the riddles below? 


Outdoor learning: Plant classification! 

Building the Kingdom.

On the 8th of September we celebrated our Blessed Mother Mary's birthday. We celebrated this occasion throughout the school with a birthday cupcake and in Year 6, we researched gender equality, past and present and thought about the situation happening in Afghanistan.

Physical Education.

In P.E this half term with Miss Lovatt, we have been learning all about Badminton. With Sam from Bee Active we have been focusing on improving our Gymnastic skills on the apparatus. Watch the slideshow below to see us practicing our jumping skills.