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Calling all in Year 3 

 I hope you are all well and happy, I miss all your smiling faces!

To keep those brilliant brains & super skills in check while we are not at school please check out the websites and activities below.


Dear Parents/Carers

Please do not hesitate to contact me on the email provided if you have any questions or queries about your child's home learning. 

Take care, stay safe & keep smiling!

from Mrs McLernon-Evans



ttrockstars booklet

(for numbots use your ttrs username & password)

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SPaG booklet

Handwriting booklet

 (Remember to use all your Key writing skills) 

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Complete Jesus Love Me Books up to page 

Write prayers of your choice 

Write an acrostic poem of your choice

Read the events of Holy week in the Bible, make a booklet of the events.

Show an act of kindness each day

Romero Cross activity

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Do you have a magnet at home?

If so can you find magnetic and non-magnetic materials?

How many paperclips can the magnet attract?

Design a poster about magnets, describe how they work and what they do.

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Research information on volcanoes, can you make an

information booklet or a Power point presentation with your findings?

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Use any materials you can find at home to draw/create a 2D or 3D volcano.

Create a board game from recycled materials.

Make the board and pieces for the game.

Write the instructions of how to play the game.

Enjoy playing the game with your family.

Challenge - Can you relate your game to our Volcanoes topic?

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If you have any particular questions, Mrs Pritchard would be happy to receive them using this email address:

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All subjects

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The 'I can do this' Challenge

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50 fun ideas for you & your family.

A daily planner for online activities

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