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Hi Year 5!

I hope that you are all fit, healthy and are all keeping well! 

I am missing teaching you all in school and will be thinking of you. I have set some fun tasks for you to be getting on with whilst the school is closed. Try to set yourself a manageable timetable; it will help if you are in a routine. Make sure you do lots of fun things for yourself too. 

In your paper-based pack, you will have: 

  • Some Maths revision on some of the things that we have covered in class so far
  • Some punctuation and grammar worksheets
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Year 5/6 spellings

Please complete your work in your homework books.

Please click here if you missed the letter that was sent home on Friday 20th March. It includes my email address if you wish to contact me. Keep me updated on what you are getting up to! It would be lovely to hear from you! 



Please click here to view a letter from Mrs Moorhouse outlining some further information on homework support from White Rose Maths.  


Please click here to view the Year 5 Writing expectations and curriculum spelling words. 


RE- Lent Science- Living Things and animals including humans.  Topic- Anglo Saxons
  • Make some Lenten promises.
  • Retell the story of Jesus' temptations in the desert.
  • Write some prayers.
  • Offer some extra help to your families at home.
  • Pray, fast  and give alms this Lent using the Lent calendar- click here.
  • Do some gardening if the weather is nice.
  • Look at the parts of a flower- cut and dissect a plant. 
  • Try to reproduce some plants. 
  • Look at the life cycles of plants and animals. 
  • Research the work of David Attenborough or Jane Goodall and write a biography.

Try some fun experiments at home:

  • Create a Power point on the Anglo Saxons.
  • Create an Anglo-Saxon Timeline of Events
  • Fact file about the Anglo-Saxons  



PE Computing
  • Make an Anglo-Saxon Boat
  • Design some Anglo-Saxon illuminated letters
  • Make some Easter cakes
  • Create Easter cards
  • YouTube- Joe Wicks 5 Minute Moves


  • Create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel    


Music French   Other 

If you have any particular questions, Mrs Pritchard would be happy to receive them using this email address:


 Just for Fun!

  • Click here for 50 fun ideas! 
  • Click here for Dr Chip's Daily Dose of...Science, Engineering and Computing activities to try at home. 


Keep your eye out for the International Space Station!