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Hi Year 5!

I can't believe it is our last week of the academic year! It is a shame that we are ending the year like this rather than sharing the last week  altogether as a class. However, when we look back at the two terms we spent in class together, what a great time we have had with lots of fun, laughter and learning. 

I just want to say a great big thank you to all of you for all of your hard work both in school and at home. You are all amazing and are a brilliant class! Thank you to those who have kept in touch over emails sending me lovely messages, pictures and videos of what you have been up to and to those of you who have been taking part in the challenges and the online home learning. A big thank you also to your parents and carers for their continued support with this; your support is always greatly appreciated.

I know it has been difficult and we have been through very strange times but you have all been so brave and I am so proud of you all! I have missed teaching you and I am looking forward to seeing you all ready for Year 6 in September. You are going to make a fabulous Year 6!

It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you all this year- what a great class! Have a lovely and well deserved Summer holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all in September. 

Take care, 

Miss Kontic.

Please click here if you missed the letter that was sent home on Friday 20th March. It includes my email address if you wish to contact me.


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Current Weekly Events

29th June- 19th July- Children's Art Week

Children's Art Week is a UK-wide programme that gives children and young people the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of art activities online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. Each week will focus on a special theme.

The 2020 themes are…
Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World
Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations
Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and creative writing

Click here to access the website

Transition Week Ideas

  • Create a drawing/ painting or piece of art of your favourite school memory
  • Sketch a portrait of your new class teacher
  • Create a memory jar, decorate it and fill it with lots of your favourite school memories.
  • Write a letter to your new teacher to tell them all about you. 
  • Click here for further transition activities. 

Thursday 16th July- World Snake Day

  • Research some of the different snake species. Create a fact file. 

Friday 17th July- World Emoji Day

  • Design and create some of your own emojis.
  • Write a message or short story using emojis only. 



Use this website for the White Rose Maths Lessons: 

Worksheets to support the White Rose Home Learning Week 12

Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4

Answers 1, Answers 2, Answers 3, Answers 4

Worksheets to support the White Rose Home Learning Week 11

Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4

Answers 1, Answers 2, Answers 3, Answers 4

Worksheets to support the White Rose Home Learning Week 10

Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4

Answers 1, Answers 2, Answers 3, Answers 4





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Prayers for you and your families-

RE- Work of the Apostles Science- Earth and Space

Topic- The Mayans


  •  Click here to read Peter's Speech on Pentecost day. Can you highlight the main messages?
  • Read the story of the beggar at the Beautiful Gate- Acts 3:1-16 and use this table to record the word of the beggar, the words of Peter and John and the reactions of the people.
  • Read the Story of Stephen (Acts 6: 8-8:1) or click here to read a version of the story. Then click here to complete the table about sacrifices. Click here for an example to help you.
  • Read the story of the Apostles being thrown into prison. Acts 5:17-42. Create a courtroom scene and write position papers for or against the Apostles being allowed to preach. 
  •  Research into the evidence of the flat earth vs spherical Earth. Click here for activities. 
  • Create a planet poster. Click here for template. 
  •  Create and Design your own planet. Click here for template. 

Some videos on Science topics:

STEM home learning:

Try some fun experiments at home:

  • Research some facts about the new Summer Term topic.
  • Topics to research: Crops, food and lifestyle
    • Look at the similarities and differences between Mayan religions and others.
  • Create a Mayan timeline
    • Mayan number system
    • Mayan God fact file.
  •  • Locate Ancient Mayan Cities
    • Chichen Itza- tourist information brochure
    • Identify the impact of physical geography on the Maya.


PE Computing
  • YouTube- Joe Wicks 5 Minute Moves

  • Create a spreadsheet on some space or planet facts
  • Create a Powerpoint all about space or the planets.
  • Record a video of the Mayan Creation story.

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