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Hi Year 6

We hope you are all well, we can't believe that we are nearly half way through the Summer term already - time is really flying by so fast.   

The BBC bitewise and the Oak National are excellent ways to practise and consolidate your English skills and the White Rose has daily videos and worksheets to make sure you are keeping your maths skills up to date. These are like the Power Maths that we do in school. There's lots of other things on the web site to keep you busy - email us and let us see some of the things that you have been getting up to. You can still answer previous challenges if you haven't already done so.


Purple Mash - why not check it out here

Miss Lovatts challenge 08.06.20

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 Please check the web page below regularly to access a variety of activities and useful links, more will be added regularly. (Some music challenges have been added)

Any problems with passwords etc. just get your parents to email on the email address that was on your letter.

(For those of you who have lost the letter I've put a link on Class Letter ).

Previous challenges

Talents Challenge 11.05.20

Miss Lovatts Den Challenge 18.05.20

 Maths Challenge 1st June here

Weekly work in school

Weekly Work beginning 08.06.20                          Answers to Maths Questions  1&2

                                            15.06.20                                                                                3 & 4

                                            22.06.20                                                                                5&6

                                            29.06.20                                                 Length                   1&2

                                            06.07.20                                                                                3&4

                                            Message for classmates


Musical term word puzzles and Musical Instrument word puzzles - Daily David Walliams Audiobook accessible here  -  Marvellous Maths lessons from Carol Vorderman here  -  Daily Half an Hour Fitness with The Body Coach here

Year 6 here
Oak National daily lessons in Maths and English here

White Rose

This website offers free daily lessons in a similar way that Maths is now taught in our school. After the video, which explains the key points, there is also an accompanying worksheet for you to complete. Don't worry if you have missed any you can still access them below


Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5     Wk 6 Wk 7  WK 8 Wk 9

Wk 10    Wk 11  Wk 12

White Rose Worksheets & Answers

Wk 1  -  1   2  3  4          Ans.   1   2  3   4 Wk 2     1  2  3   4          Ans.   1  2   3   4

Wk 3     1  2  3  4           Ans.   1   2   3  4

Wk 4     1  2  3   4          Ans.   1   2   3  4

Wk 5    1   2   3   4          Ans.  1  2   3   4

Wk 6    1   2   3   4          Ans  1   2   3   4

Wk 7    1   2   3   4           Ans  1   2   3   4

Wk 8    1   2   3   4          Ans  1   2   3   4

Wk 9     1   2   3   4            Ans  1   2   3   4

Wk 10   1   2   3   4            Ans  1   2   3   4

Wk 11  1  2   3   4          Ans   1  2  3  4


Wk 12   1 2 3 4        Ans 3  4 

I See Maths 

This is another website that offers free daily lessons

and worksheets to complete. There is also information for your parents and if you wish you can catch up on the sessions that have already taken place.

My Maths

I have changed lots of dates so you can access past activities. If you get less than 75% on an activity have another go. Keep checking back as I will be adding more activities for you to have a go at. Please complete any outstanding activities


June - Maths Question a Day here

Ultimate Maths Organiser Arithmetic Ninjas TTRS

SATs Revision (videos)



Defenders of Mathematica



Need help with Fractions the NCETM have recorded some videos  to give you help and support while you are working from home here

Harry Potter Maths 

The following links are a selection of themed Maths activities for you to print out and try.

Print out your certificate  here if you complete all the challenges.

Colouring Division

Colouring Subtraction Money Problems
Bus timetables Reading Timetables Snakes and Ladders
Arithmancy Net of a Cube Symmetrical Crest
Potions - Bronze Potions -silver Potions - Gold
Read Theory Reading Skills

International Children's Digital Library

Crystal Explorers Grammar and Punctuation Spelling Frame
Listen to the Harry Potter audio books and find other magical activities here
Keeping Writing Skills Sharp

Autumn A

Autumn B

Spring A

Spring B

Summer A

Summer B (coming soon)


select a date on the calendar which takes you to a picture and some writing tasks. Some good examples include the following dates:

February 2nd, February 7th, February 9th or March 5th. 

  Once upon a picture

a selection of reading and writing tasks linked to a picture


Year 6 Writing Expectations  

Writing Unit 1

Doors - the world
of possibility


Doors - the world
of possibility - greater depth


Some English activities for you to try 

Activities linked to Shakespeare 

10 Minute Author Challenges-

One a day June writing challenge  here




History / Geography

On Sunday 31st May we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost -

Read the account of the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples from            St. John’s Gospel.                         Compare this account with that of the one in the Acts of the Apostles.       What differences do you notice? How might this be explained?Think about the images of the Holy Spirit in these accounts: breath, wind and fire. 

Why not write a diary entry to explain what happened on the day of Pentecost, s one of the disciples. Explain how you were feeling– why you were hiding away and what happened. Then explain how you felt afterwards and what your plans for the future are. )  

Look on the Catholic Life page


for prayer and liturgy ideas that you can do at home along with other RE resources




Year Six resources

-Living things and their habitats

Knowledge Organisers


Evolution and Inheritance

General science resources 



Challenge yourself with different science experiments here

Knowledge Organisers

Anglo Saxons


Think of a topic that you would like to find out more about . Here are some tips to help you. Click here


our topic for the Summer term is the Vikings.

Click below to find out more


1   2   3   4  5   6 

Art/Dt PE Computing
Why not create a piece of rain forest art in the  style of Rousseau?
Learn more about him here 
Why not brush up on your general Art skills?


Use these to help you keep fit and healthy

YouTube- Joe Wicks 5 Minute Moves 

Career Links


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