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Musical term word puzzles and Musical Instrument word puzzles - Daily David Walliams Audiobook accessible here  -  Marvellous Maths lessons from Carol Vorderman here  -  Daily Half an Hour Fitness with The Body Coach here



Hi Year 4, Mr Washington here. 

While you are away, hopefully all fit and healthy, here are a few things you can be looking at to ensure you don't forget any of the wonderful skills you've learnt so far this year.



You all have your TTRS log ins and could practise as many times as possible on this. I will have records of who completes the most soundchecks and there will be dojos for those children!


I have reset some of the homework you have had this year. If you have already completed it you could try to improve your score. If you previously got full marks there is no harm in revisiting it again.

Maths Mats

Here are the maths mats which we complete on a Friday. Try to use all of your previous knowledge to answer the questions. Remember some of the shape, statistics and measures questions we haven't covered so don't worry.

1     2     3


Just like TTRS Numbots in an online resource where you complete different maths activities against the clock.  You will earn coins to suit up your robot character. The children's usernames are the same as TTRS.



White Rose

The website below offers free lessons for your children in a similar style to the lesson we provide. There is a video explaining key teaching points and then a worksheet to complete. Below is also a letter explaining this resource further.


Weekly Skills

Your children have come home with their weekly skills maths books. Using your support guide look back at any questions you missed before. Below, are extra copies of the skills checks if you missed any and the guide. 

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10    11    




Here are the spelling sheets we would have normally completed over these weeks. Use your exercise books to copy these out and remember to put them into a sentence. 

1     2


You have all received a log in for

Please try to go on this as much as you can to improve your fluency and comprehension. There will be dojos for those who answer the most quizzes. 


In your exercise books you can draw a picture and then choose to write anything about it. You may be a character in the picture who writes a diary or letter. You may even write a diary about your actual day. Remember to use all of our Y4 Key Writing Skills.

Online Spellings

The below link is to a website filled with activities to practise your spelling/word understanding and use.


 Here are the SPAG mats which we complete on a Thursday. Try to use all of your previous knowledge to answer the questions. 

1     2     3


Over the periods of Lent, Holy Week and Easter, remember to keep thinking of those less fortunate than us. Keep them in your prayers. 



We are coming to the end of our Science unit about living things and their habitats. You may want to create a poster for a particular habitat (desert, rain forest,  ocean etc) and include as many organisms that live there as you can. Here are some posters with extra information. 

1     2     3


Our topic is still the Egyptians so for a fun task you may want to use and spare boxes/rolls you have and create your own Pyramid tomb. Here are some pictures of ones other people have made. 

1     2

(If you have a spare toilet roll you may want to dress up as a mummy for the day and imagine what it is like in your tomb.)


One of the key units we have done in Year 4 was all about learning numbers up to 30 and then multiples of 10 to 100. Here they are as a reminder.


Use them to play a game of French Bingo with a member of your family. See how many people you can get to choose quatre-vingt-dix-neuf!


Use any resources you have at home to recreate our classroom. Remember to include your amazing teacher and all of your friends in your picture/collage/masterpiece!


Write new lyrics to a popular nursery rhyme. You might change Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall 


Earlier today I kicked a ball

and see where it goes. I look forward to hearing them!

If you have any particular questions, Mrs Pritchard would be happy to receive them using this email address:


Here are a list of websites with games based on computer science and digital literacy.

See what new skills you can learn.